Churchwomen raise funds through walkathon

Lehigh Trail displayed the focus of a walkathon as an activity leading up to First Church’s Women’s Day.

Along the benches of the Belle Terre entrance, in a portion of Palm Coast between Royal Palms Parkway and the fire station, women gathered from First Church to rev up for the hike.

The trail parallels Lehigh Canal, and other entrances are accessible through both Colbert Lane and Old Kings Road.

Other folks were counting on the women for sponsoring their efforts of participating in the walkathon and donated funds earmarked for Women’s Day. Pledges were still coming in, especially since the trail was easy to navigate.

Women at First Church in Palm Coast are shown participating in a hike at Lehigh Trail. (PHOTO COURTESY OF DOUG BROWN)

It became a closer bonding of women, who came to explore the 3.8-mile trail. Both Women’s Day captains were on the same page with responses to the walkathon.

“It was bigger than last year’s when there was just a handful of women,” said Pat Brown. “But this year, everyone who came out participated, and most women walked the three miles.”

“They turned out and showed up for a nice fellowship,” affirmed Ernestine Logan.

The attraction allowed for hikers to wave to passers-by. Trees encircled the linear park, providing for cyclists, skaters and pets as well.

Hattitude Luncheon scheduled July 21
The trail has been in the works to connect with other paths and sidewalks, which will take travelers to preserved, natural lands and city environs for tourist attraction.

It has been marketed by Flagler County and the City of Palm Coast. It was no less marketable for the Women’s Day plans. To date, other plans include different shades of blue with white accessories for the women to wear Sept. 9 for Women’s Day.

“Gifted Women of God” will be the theme. The second annual Women’s Day “Hattitude Luncheon” has been set for July 21.

The Rev. Gillard S. Glover is the pastor of First Church at 91 Old Kings Road North. The church can be reached at 386-446-5759.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.



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