Plenty of candidates for Volusia election


Voter registration for primary ends July 16


Qualifying is over, and Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Ann McFall’s next task is to produce a ballot.

Approximately 80 races will be on the ballot, including local, county, state and national competitions.

The only surprise entrant into a race is attorney and former Halifax Area Advertising Authority Chair Ted Doran, who officially filed his paperwork last Friday to run for the chairman’s seat on the Volusia County Council.

Doran is the third person to enter that race, joining current County Councilman Carl Persis and Edgewater resident Jason Davis.

Persis, who is a Volusia County District 4 council member, said this week he is being forced to resign his seat to comply with a state law on pensions that requires him to leave the county’s payroll for six months.

McCall said there will be no special election to fill Persis’ seat, which he would have held until his replacement was elected during the upcoming race for his seat.

“The governor has the choice of appointing or leaving it open until the election,” McFall said.

4 to vie for Daytona mayor
The Daytona Beach mayoral race has four residents qualifying – Zone 1 City Commissioner Edith Shelley, former Commissioners Gwen Azama-Edwards and Derrick Henry along with political newcomer Realtor Fred Hoffman.

Zone 2 City Commissioner Pam Woods drew no competition. Also drawing no competition were State Rep. Dwayne Taylor and Volusia County Property Appraiser Morgan Gilreath.

Also unopposed is Public Defender James Purdy.
State Attorney R.J. Larizza will face retired Judge Stacia Warren. Both are Republicans.

Judges races
Volusia County Court Judge Bryan A. Feigenbaum has drawn opposition for his Group 8 seat from attorney Michael McDermott.

Volusia County Court Judge Peter F. Marshall (Group 4) announced this year he will retire at the end of his term.

Attorneys Steven R. Burk, Dustin M. Havens, Alan Holt, Christopher Kelly and Adam Warren have qualified to run for the Volusia County Group 4 seat.

Primary set for Aug. 14

McFall said residents who want to vote in the Aug. 14 primary must be registered by Monday, July 16 at 5 p.m.

She added that those already registered to vote will be receiving new voter cards in the mail by the end of the month.

“People can start requesting absentee ballots anytime. Ballots will be
mailed out beginning the 45th day before the election – Friday, June 29,” McFall said.
Here is a complete list of all the local, county and state candidates Daytona Beach residents will see on their ballot.

District 6
Heather Beaven, D
Vipin Verma, D
Richard Clark, R
Fred Costello, R
Ron DeSantis, R
Robert Klotzbach, R
Billy Kogut, R
Craig Miller, R
Alec Pueschel, R
Bev Slough, R

District 7
Sandy Adams, R
Jason Kendall, D
John Mica, R
Nicholas Ruiz, D
Fred Marra, WRI

District 6
John Thrasher, R
Kathleen Trued, D

District 8
Frank Bruno, D
Dorothy Hukill, R

District 10
David Simmons, R
James Patrick Adamczyk, WRI
Leo Cruz, D

District 24
Michael Cornish, NPA
Doug Courtney, D
Milissa Holland, D
Travis Hutson, R

District 25
Richard Dembinsky, NPA
David Hood, R

District 26
Dwayne Taylor, D

District 27
Dennis Mulder, D
David Santiago, R
George Trovato, R

Clerk of Court
Steven deLaroche, R
Diane Matousek, R
Christine Sanders, NPA

Wendell Bradford
Ben Johnson

Property Appraiser
Morgan Gilreath

Supervisor of Elections
Teresa Apgar
Beaulah Blanks
Andy Kelly
Ann McFall
County Chair
Jason Davis
Ted Doran
Carl Persis

Council District 1
Jeff Allebach
Terry Dilligard
Missy Kelly
Ronnie Mills
Pat Patterson

Council District 2
Ken Ali
Nancy Epps
Josh Wagner

Council District 3
Deborah Denys
Jim Hathaway
Justin Kennedy

Council District 4
Doug Daniels
Shannon McLeish
Damien Richards
Jay Young

Council District 5
Richard Gailey
Pat Northey
Stony Sixma

School Board District 2
Ida Duncan-Wright
Al Williams

School Board District 4
David Batten
Linda Costello
Judy Conte
Walter Fordham
Charles King

West Volusia Hospital Seat 1
James Reilly

West Volusia Hospital Seat 2
Andy Ferrari

West Volusia Hospital Seat 3
Voloria Manning

Gwen Azama-Edwards
Derrick Henry
Fred Hoffmann
Edith Shelley

Zone 1
Dale Heuermann
Carl Lentz IV
Ruth Trager

Zone 4
Robert Gilliland
Thomas Kaczka

Zone 6
Paula Reed
Cathy Washington

State Attorney
Larizza, R.J.
Warren, Stasia

6 Responses to Plenty of candidates for Volusia election

  1. Walter

    Well it is sure an insult to the republican party that George Trovato after all the mayhem he caused in Deltona is on the ballot for a house seat. All you got to do is see to see that his campaign is a true farce. So many revealing details about his misdeeds, it is hard to know whether to laugh or cry about it.

  2. Ragu

    Trovato may have his issues, but at least he didn’t go bankrupt. At least he didn’t vote against everything that came before him like the library and the ampitheatre. At least he didn’t prostitute himself for newspaper ads for Riverside Bank when he was a sitting commissioner. At least he didn’t help to destroy the commmunity of Osteen. At least he didn’t spend tax dollars to fight to illegally annex the Leffler property. At least he didn’t vote against the Deltona Farmer’s Market (he said “nobody wants to buy vegetables on Saturdays”). At least he did not oppose trails or anything green. At least he didn’t make a name for himself all over West Volusia as what he really is.

  3. m h

    How dare Fred Hoffman run for mayor. He is a disgrace in his own neighborhood, constantly reported by his neighbors for trash and 3 foot tall grass and weeds in his yard.Also, Hoffman owns a motel in Daytona Bch that was implicated in a prostitution sting. So is this the type of person to represent the good people of Daytona Beach? I think not.

  4. While I am NO longer a candidate for District 25; I expect the Honorable David Hood to be the one driving to Tallahassee to attempt to improve Florida; maybe during his drive to Tallahassee he give me a call 386 235 0380 so I can inform him that Florida’s Election Laws are unfair and unconstitutional “guarantee equal civil and political rights for all” per the Preamble. Republicans get the credit and the blame for conditions in Florida. NPA candidates never win that is by design because the political parties keep “independent” from being on the ballot.

  5. Cowboy

    m h, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Fred Hoffman is one of the few who worked to clean up the prostitution problem near the Shady Plce area. When he saw a vehicle pick up a prostitue, he would get a tag #, look them up in county records and send a letter of observation to the perp’s wife. You shouldn’t pass judgement about someone you don’t know.

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