United Way launches ReadingPals program

Through the Barnett Early Literacy Grant, The Children’s Movement of Florida and 10 United Way sites throughout the state are in the process of launching a three-year initiative focused on engaging, training, and deploying volunteer “ReadingPals” in 10 Florida regions to increase the number of students who are reading at grade level by the end of the third grade.

Volunteers will be trained in the Skills-Based Educational Experiences Delivery Systems (SEEDS) curriculum. Each volunteer will be required to spend at least two 30-minute sessions per week (for a minimum of 25 weeks) with one to three children. Volunteers will be reading a book out loud, guiding the children through literacy activities, and general conversations about the book.

More information: Diane Olsen: dolsen@unitedwayvfc.org, 386-366-9053 or http://bit.ly/readingpals .



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