Women show off their crowns at Women’s Day luncheon

Guests were wowed at the second annual Women’s Day Hattitude Luncheon provided by women at the First Church, which included “just-like-Mama-made’’ turkey, ham, meatballs and the trimmings.

The models, who stepped out for a perfect fit with commentator Vivian Rowe, were Ruby Sims, Maxine Josey, Ernestine Logan, Dr. Leila Hardison, Ann Clark, Annie Carby and Gloria Benjamin.

The other sensations were Elaine Wettlin, Diane Spears, Pat Smith, Sharon Knight, Sybil Dodson-Lucas, Charlotte Prince and Ali Wallace.

Judges Vivian Richardson, Elaine Wettlin and Patricia Brown crowned the winners: Gloria Benjamin for the fanciest hat; Ali Wallace, the largest hat; Ruby Sims, the smallest hat; and
Charlotte Prince, the best at the luncheon.

These women are all smiles at First Church of Palm Coast’s Hattitude Luncheon. The Women’s Day event included prizes for the best hats.

Shirley Davis echoed the need of wearing hats and stated, “I feel great, sophisticated, and elite. I like wearing hats. Can’t you tell? It brings out something in me.’’

Acknowledging the excitement of wearing hats, Rose Luckett Williams responded, “It completes me.”

The crowning glory of churchwomen wearing hats tops off the essence of the book and sequel play “Crowns.” Great finds have been acquired by women buying hats for church to look their
best for meeting “The King.”

‘Crowns’ history
Sybil Dodson-Lucas ran it down regarding the women in her family, arriving in the states from Barbados and Panama.

She said, “My mother and grandmother belonged to the Episcopal Church and were ‘proper ladies.’

They didn’t go to church without having a hat, gloves and a handkerchief. Their hat and hair were their crowns.

“During the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s – whether they were going to work or to a social function – they were the most glamorous women,” asserted Dodson-Lucas.

She continued that they always wore stockings – never bare leg or bare arm. They were the most glamorous women walking down Harlem’s 125th St. – always carrying a shawl to church to cover their legs, if the dress they were wearing was short.

Her recall brought about the high fashion, spirituality and respect for the forbears that were staged in the play “Crowns.”

Staging the style at the luncheon were co-chairmen Patricia Brown and Ernestine Logan. The Recognition Committee members were Louise Howell and Mattie DeVore. Nellie Davis and Vivian Rowe took charge of the printed program.

The panel members making up the Food Committee were Wanda Brinson, Doris Wise, Ruby Sims and Maxine Josey and the other contributors were Ruth Brown and Hazel Rolle.

Office openings
Financial advisor Orlando Johnson will launch the ribbon-cutting of his Edward Jones office at 120 Airport Road, Suite 1B, Palm Coast. The opening will kick off Aug. 10. The phone number
at the office is 386-586-1350.


Dave Meluskey has been named President Barack Obama’s organizer for local office at 4882 Palm Coast Parkway, NW, Suite 4, Palm Coast. The community celebrated in a reception on July 25. The office, a few doors down from Sears, is open for phone banking and to canvass the county by volunteers.

Call Meluskey to learn more details at 904-635-5318 or log on to dmeluskey@ofafl.com.


Flagler County Democrats, located at One Hargrove Grade, Building A, Suite 1D, Palm Coast, can be visited weekdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. They can be reached for voter information at
386-283-4904, or by email at flaglercntydem@gmail.com, or log on at www.flaglerdemocraticparty.com.


Yours truly is wrapping up for a vacation. With the grace of God, I’ll return in September to write my column. Enjoy the rest of the summer!


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.



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