Electric utility question on November ballot


The South Daytona City Council has approved a resolution calling for a special city election to be held on Nov. 6 to determine whether the city is authorized to form a municipal electric utility and to deliver municipal electric services.

On Aug. 14, voters approved an amendment to the city charter requiring voter approval, at a general or special election, before the city forms a municipal electric utility and delivers municipal electric service. Council members selected the date to coincide with the scheduled November election, avoiding the costs of a special election and with the expectation of greater voter turnout in a presidential election.

In the 2008 franchise renewal agreement, FPL refused to include a 60-year-old purchase clause and did not offer any compensation for removing the valuable language. Based on FPL’s refusal to renew the option, South Daytona’s council evaluated the feasibility of the purchase and after extensive analysis by industry and financial experts, voted to acquire the system in July 2011 as authorized by the city charter. Through an FPL-funded Political Action Committee, the utility giant spent more than $140,000 to put the charter amendment on the ballot.



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