Investigation clears Henry of elections charges

Mayoral candidate responds to dropped inquiry by State Attorney’s Office


There’s insufficient evidence to show that Derrick Henry violated election laws in his campaign for mayor, the State Attorney’s office has concluded.

Derrick Henry

“After a thorough investigation by the Office of R.J. Larizza, State Attorney of the 7th Judicial Circuit, a decision has been made that no charges will be filed regarding the allegations brought forth by the Supervisor of Elections for Volusia County, Ann McFall,” spokesperson Klare Ly said in a press release Wednesday.

“There is insufficient evidence to support claims that Daytona Beach Mayoral Candidate Derrick Henry violated any elections laws regarding absentee ballots and voters registration forms,” Ly added.

‘Timely closure’
After learning last Thursday that Henry would not face charges, the mayoral candidate’s campaign issued this statement: “A few months ago Ann McFall, the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections, made statements to various media outlets regarding Derrick Henry’s campaign for Daytona Beach Mayor.

“At that point in time, Mr. Henry respectfully requested the Supervisor of Elections to turn her purported ‘inquiry’ over to the State Attorney’s Office. Mr. Henry is pleased to announce that “I have willingly met with the Office of State Attorney R.J. Larizza and they have concluded that I am not a suspect of any violation related to absentee ballots or voter registrations.”

The statement from Henry’s campaign added, “I would like to thank the State Attorney’s Office for bringing timely closure to this matter so I can continue to run a positive and successful campaign.’’

McFall chose not to comment on the matter to the Daytona Times.

Authorized agent
In a memo that was part of the report involving the Henry case, Assistant State Attorney Christopher Walker said, “These allegations stemmed from the submission of absentee ballots and voter registration cards procured or submitted with the assistance of Daytona Mayoral candidate Derrick Henry.

“There was insufficient evidence to support claims that Mr. Henry violated any elections laws regarding these absentee ballots and voters registration forms for his constituents.”

The investigation noted that Henry is an authorized third-party registration agent, allowing him to collect voter registration applications.

“There was insufficient evidence to prove beyond and to the exclusion of very reasonable doubt the guilt of any of the individuals applying for the absentee ballots or voter registrations in questions,’’ Walker added.



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