Church members ‘let it shine’ at poll


Dr. L. Ronald Durham said to hundreds at the Courthouse Annex in Daytona Beach: “When I cast my vote, I’m gonna let it shine.”

Daytona Times Board Chairwoman Julia T. Cherry, left, and Lerosa Dixon of Hope Fellowship Church were among the 15 congregations to take part in “Souls to the Polls.” (PHOTOS BY Ashley Thomas/DAYTONA TIMES)

Then Durham, who organized a Souls to the Polls march in Daytona Beach last Sunday, broke out singing “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.”

Those in attendance, members of at least 14 predominantly Black churches in the area along with the congregation of Father Phil Egito’s Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, followed suit and began singing.

The marchers heard speaker after speaker pump them up as they prepared to march from the courthouse on Orange Avenue to the Daytona Beach City Island Library where early voting was taking place.

A little preaching
The Rev. John Long of Tubman-King Community Church said, “Vote your conscience, vote your spirit, but most importantly, you better vote.”

The Rev. Victor Gooden reminded the crowd, “By voting and marching today, you are reaching out to help another life, the lives of our children. We are here to remember the lives of all the people who fought for our right to vote. We are here for those who shed blood for us to be here today.”

Durham took up the mantle and proceeded as if he was giving a sermon at the church he pastors, Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

Importance of election
Durham said they must understand the critical nature of this election.  He explained that it guarantees progress and that depending on who they vote for will dictate how their lives are improved.

“We are here because too many went through hell to cast their ballots. Their



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