Orange Avenue overhaul to start in Midtown


The chairman of the Midtown Area Redevelopment Board was told by the Daytona Beach City Commission that construction will begin at Nova Road instead of Beach Street when a massive overhaul of Orange Avenue begins next year.

Hemis Ivey, board chair, also learned on Dec. 5 during a city commission meeting that elected officials awarded a $700,000 contract to local firm McKim & Creed to bring the current construction plans to 100 percent design stage for the Orange Avenue reconstruction project.

The recent acquisition of State Revolving Loan funds and the $4.8 million in Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) grants has made the $19 million Orange Avenue reconstruction project feasible provided the city redesigns the project to FDOT standards in time for the issuance of bids no later than July 1, 2013. The information was reported at the Dec. 5 meeting.

It is estimated that it will take 20 to 24 months to complete the construction.

No million from board
Ivey was upset that $1 million was initially taken out of Midtown Area Redevelopment funds to complete the project and requested that instead of using their funds – which the board would like to be used elsewhere in Midtown – monies be taken from public utilities coffers instead of CRA funds.

“We are the only ones (board) contributing one million dollars,” said Ivey.

Ron McLemore, Daytona Beach’s Public Works Department director, informed Ivey that financial sources for the Orange Avenue project no longer includes funds from the board he oversees. The project is estimated to cost $19 million.

He said $12 million will be coming from utility operation funds, $4.8 million from an FDOT grants, and the city will be requesting $2.2 million from Volusia County since Orange Avenue is considered a county road.

McLemore said the design process of the thoroughfare started Wednesday after the commissioners approved the $670,000 bid to McKim & Creed.

McLemore said as part of the design process, public input will be sought prior to approval of the final design.

He also said public meetings have an example of the redesign of Orange Avenue, which will run from Nova Road to Beach Street.

“By the end of the year, we could be in construction,” Chisholm said about the project, which is expected to take two years to complete.



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