Florida Friends for Obama to host inaugural ball in Palm Coast

Members of the Florida Friends for Obama will host an inaugural ball celebrating President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s re-election.

Since the majority of people cannot attend the inaugural events in Washington, there is no reason why they cannot celebrate this historic victory that they, the supporters of Obama/Biden, worked so hard to win, right here in Palm Coast.

The local ball will be held Jan. 21, 7 p.m., simultaneously with the official Inaugural Ball in Washington, which will be telecast live at the event in Palm Coast.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama dance at the Commander in Chief’s ball in Washington on Jan. 20, 2009. Local supports have organized an inaugural ball in Palm Coast for Jan. 21 to celebrate the president’s second inauguration.

It will be an evening of excellence, reflection and celebration.

‘An action group’
The Friends of Obama write that “this is history in the making, even more so than the first election,” and they intend on rising to the occasion.

The ball will take place at the African-American  Cultural Society, located at 4422 U. S. 1 North, Palm Coast.

Florida Friends for Obama was founded by Loyce Nottage Allen in 2008.

Allen writes, “We are an action group, which came together to get our president elected then and now.  We are the change that begins deep within each and every one of us.

“We, the people of this great country made our voices heard, by voting to go forward, not backwards. We must carry our support and enthusiasm beyond election day. We will continue to work tirelessly in support of our President and Vice President elect!

“We pledge to continue in our support of President Barack Obama by raising our expectations and aspirations for ourselves, our families, and our community.

If you have questions, contact Allen at 609-412-3049 or email her at jazzla167@aol.com.

Humane Society visits kids at academy
Students at Palm Harbor Academy were intrigued by the “Ambassador Program” provided by the Humane Education Department of the Flagler County Humane Society.

It was part of the charter school’s curriculum – providing opportunities for learning and bringing in Yvonne Presley and her colleagues to “instill respect and responsibility for animals and their environment.”

The K-6 students discovered that animal owners must be asked prior to petting any animal and animals must not be approached from behind. It was cool for the kids to see the dog tricks showed off by “Muffins,” of the canines that Presley brought along.

Through the shelter adoption program, an animal’s behavior and interests are evaluated and matched to an adopter’s preferences. Students Mason Sword and Emily Gonzalez have now become dog owners through the adoption program.

Supplies donated
The innovation included Palm Harbor Academy’s donations of pet supplies to the Flagler County Humane Society. Some items were dog and cat food, stainless steel bowls, pet toys, leashes, rugs, trash bags and Q-tips.

Palm Harbor Academy kids recently welcomed the Flagler County Humane Society. On the right are the academy’s donations of pet supplies.

Some supplies were donated by members of the First Church of Palm Coast. Pastor Gillard S. Glover founded the academy in 2009.

School Principal Esther Hamilton assessed that “parents, teachers and the community must work together so that our children can soar…”

Fifth-grader Miles Jackson thanked the society for contributing to the students’ educational assembly.

The kindergartners stepped up with “thank you” cards they had made, and the society gifted the academy with an appreciation certificate.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.



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