Sisters raised in Daytona about the business of helping others


Two sisters, born and raised in Daytona Beach, are entrepreneurs who are trying to help others be successful in business.

Even though Debra Barrs-Paul and Daphne Latimore now live in different cities and states, their work involves starting businesses and helping businesses to be successful.

130307_dt_front04Paul-Barrs moved back to Daytona Beach in 2005. She recently put together what she called the Daytona Beach Business Expo and Job Fair last month at the Midtown Cultural and Educational Center.

Business owners and employers showcased their businesses and took job applications from potential employees.

“Our goal was to have as many African-American businesses participating to make sure that they also got the exposure they needed,” Barrs-Paul said.
Barrs-Paul explained that when she moved back to the area one of the first things she learned was that many in the community didn’t know what businesses are available for their needs.

Expert on events
The expo was an opportunity for locals to connect with the businesses and give those in attendance ideas on how to start their own businesses,” Barrs-Paul said.

Barrs-Paul, who considers herself an event planner, said she also has been working to bring other businesses to the area. She is a former executive director of the Volusia Flagler Chamber of Commerce and one in Duval County.

She has helped organize national conferences, grand openings, workshops and parades.

“As an African-American woman in business, I find that in some cases I am well accepted with the business that I am offering.  Event planning isn’t easy by far but it is fun, and when the plan comes together and your client is extremely happy you can say job well done,” said Barrs-Paul.

Professional coach, consultant
Her sister, who now lives in Northern Virginia, was the guest speaker at the recent expo in Daytona.

Latimore is the founder and chief executive consultant of D.B. Latimore Professional Services Group, LLC, a boutique firm specializing in management consulting, professional coaching services and workforce seminars.

She has experience coaching and consulting senior leaders across diverse lines of business and has been credited for successfully transforming and aligning domestic and international organizations with corporate business needs.

Latimore has a master’s degree in public administration from Troy State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Bethune-Cookman.

She received an advanced leadership training and development through various corporate university programs, including Oxford University-Said Business School, University of Michigan and the University of New Hampshire.

Barrs-Paul said her sister is passionate about advancing human resources as a profession and is committed to ensuring that people are an organization’s greatest resource.

The sisters are planning to make the Daytona Beach expo an  annual event and hope to do more projects to do promote businesses in the area.

For more information, contact Barrs-Paul at 386-307-4456 or go to her website at



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