‘Phenomenal Woman’ fashion show turns attention to breast cancer

Jeroline McCarthy“Phenomenal Woman,” a breast cancer awareness fashion show, was a scene of exquisite fashion, entertainment, cuisine, and an awareness of women developing cancer.

Models strutted their stuff inside Vince Carter’s, a posh Daytona Beach eatery co-owned by Michelle Carter-Scott for a show created and directed by former California runway model Cynthia Black. NBA star Vince Carter co-owns the establishment with his mom.

All part of the “Phenomenal Woman” fashion show were restaurateur Michelle Carter-Scott, model Dr. Sirretta Williams, model Ruby Wyche, and radio host/former professional model Cynthia Black.
All part of the “Phenomenal Woman” fashion show were restaurateur Michelle Carter-Scott, model Dr. Sirretta Williams, model Ruby Wyche, and radio host/former professional model Cynthia Black.

The eatery filled up with guests from all around and the models walking the aisles as a runway. The fashionistas were the reason the show was produced.

You simply loved the fashions, but the design focused on the models as cancer survivors. Some were women you knew, but you didn’t know they had battled cancer.

‘Phenomenal’ models
They were Mary Lou Hurt, Connie Fields, Ruby Wyche, Grace Cochran, Valencia Robinson, Lucy Crandall and C. Kay Streight.

Others were Andrea J. Parham, Carlos Ann Butler, Jeannette Steen, Dr. Sirretta Williams, Jacqui Courtney, Linda Sharpe Haywood and Pastor Pam Powell.

Some had cancer anywhere from 30 years ago to as little as one year prior. Some experienced double and triple bouts of different cancers. However, all the models looked healthy.

The scenes were suitable for presenting Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry; Commissioner Patrick Henry; Shaquille O’Neal’s mom, NBA Moms President Lucille O’Neal; celebrity Charles W. Parker; and others. The event included belly dancers, a silent auction and support groups.

Foundation in works
The production was phenomenally successful due to Black, along with Westbrook Alexander, commentator/program manager; Valencia Tubaya-Alexander, assistant program manager; Deborah  Susswein, public relations, Diane Goodrich, social media; William and Milissa Cooley, website developers; Troy Taylor, videography/sound; Derrick Clark, production, and Norma Sodal, photography.

Comparing the catwalk of her heyday, Black underwent déjà vu and discussed the opportunity for bringing awareness to cancer. She cuts through with guests on radio, airing on WNZF FM and WPUL AM, and sharing critical issues. The fashion show was recorded live.

Black has communicated with Halifax Hospital for starting a foundation for patient treatment of cancer – for patients a notch above the requirements of affordable health care yet unable to pay for their own coverage. The hospital is ready to render physicians, oncologists and surgeons.

Black also is seeking sponsorships to continue her broadcasts of providing resources.

Men and breast cancer
Keynote speaker/retired Army Col. Lloyd Freckleton closed the gap as a survivor. Freckleton did not take chemo although he will continue taking Tamoxifen for the next five years for breast cancer. Freckleton discovered a lump one day while readying for a golf game.

He says that 1 percent of the 49.2 percent male population will develop breast cancer, and the disease is far aggressive for men. Freckleton has the support of his wife, Dr. Deborah Freckleton, as well as a breast cancer support group, where he’s the only male. He says the technology is there and available to defeat the disease.

Black adds that they’ll hop on the mic for another production of breast cancer awareness. It will take place at the Palm Coast Hilton Garden Inn, Nov. 9, 11:30 a.m., and vendors are welcome.

Black can be reached for more details at 386-546-1817.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.



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