Two indicted in Dent’s death


An 18-year-old was charged this week with first-degree murder of a 17-year-old while another young man along for the ride has been charged as a principal to the murder.

130411_dt_focus01Ji’Ron Dent died March 7, two days after being allegedly shot by Tijuan Isaac.

The teen’s death has prompted an outcry by community leaders, including Mayor Derrick Henry and Commissioner Patrick Henry. Patrick Henry is establishing a mentoring program geared toward Black males. Both Henrys spoke at the teen’s funeral last month.

Enrique Chapman was indicted on the principal to first-degree murder for allegedly being a passenger in the car at the time of the shooting, according to State Attorney spokeswoman Klare Ly in a report.

In stolen vehicles
Dent was a front-seat passenger in a stolen Ford on March 5 and his accused killers were the driver and passenger in a stolen Dodge, police say.

Reports indicate that Dent was riding in a vehicle with John Headon when the vehicle was fired upon from occupants of another vehicle.

Both vehicles were reported stolen and the incident stemmed from an argument over the ownership of the vehicle that Dent was riding in according to reports.

Four young men were arrested related to the shooting: Isaac, Chapman, George Green, Jr. and Justin Nelson.

Headon was arrested shortly after the shooting and charged with violation of probation but police say that his arrest has nothing to do with the shooting.

He had fled the scene by the time police arrived to the shooting in the Dent case, according to police reports.

On March 5, the Daytona Beach Police Department responded to the area of North Clyde Morris and Florida Street in reference to multiple vehicles chasing each other exchanging gunfire.

According to a press release, Dent was shot by Isaac firing multiple times with a handgun striking him in the head, this as the defendant actively pursued him.

Mentoring program and march
Out of Dent’s tragedy was born a program for young Black men and teens.
The program is being started by Henry and will be housed in the Derbyshire area with 15 young men to begin with.

“I challenge every Black man to take two young Black men and mentor them no matter where they are. If we start to show these young men love, maybe they will show love for themselves,” Commissioner Henry has stated.

Bringing people together and working toward a solution against
gun violence and domestic abuse also will be the focus of a “March Against the Madness” rally scheduled May 18. It is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. from Derbyshire Park near Hope Fellowship Church in Daytona Beach.



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