Kelley shares stories of biblical women, raises money for local causes

Jeroline McCarthyLinda Gray Kelley has been standing where the gospel women stood, whether to live in sin or rather to make things right. The theater plays that Kelley writes and performs resonate the human condition and give her the voice for God’s word.

Kelley’s take on women finding their way to God took center stage Saturday at the First Church of Palm Coast.

Actress Linda Gray Kelley portrays the adulterous woman, Herodias, Pilate’s wife, and Jesus’ mother, Mary, at His crucifixion.
Actress Linda Gray Kelley portrays the adulterous woman, Herodias, Pilate’s wife, and Jesus’ mother, Mary, at His crucifixion.

She donned the attire of the times for “Women of the Gospel” and raised sponsorship monies for the Joy & Care-Giving Foundation, the Palm Coast Rotary Club and First Church. It was a nice turnout of theater buffs.

Kelley told the story of a 16-year-old Mary, engaged to a great guy, Joseph, as foretold by Gabe (the angel, Gabriel) of the virgin birth of Mary’s baby, Jesus.

Mary interspersed with how to tell her parents – and Joseph – and letting go to another time the thought of a thorn piercing her heart (Luke 2:35). This caused Kelley to also triumph, stepping into the spotlight again, and portraying: the bride at Cana, the adulterous woman, the Samaritan Woman, Martha, Pilate’s wife, and other biblical characters. Kelley reinforced an understanding of the Bible.

First Church also develops an accurate understanding of God’s word for the community through the teachings of the Rev. Gillard S. Glover. Moreover, the Palm Coast Rotary’s goal is “to foster goodwill, peace and understanding by participating in international and community projects.”

Josie Garcia, Joy & Care-Giving founder, reflected that St. Anthony Development and Learning Center will complete expansion in the Philippines and will be provided additional technology. The foundation offers “financial aid and hands-on-support in building schools and providing academic and vocational education to underserved communities globally.”

Garcia presented Veronica Maggs Thornton with $1,000 in scholarship money for the “Make it Take it” program of Flagler County Adult & Community Education.

Kelley recapped on bringing the show to the women’s prisons around Florida. She has performed at the prisons in Lowell and Quincy, and is in the lineup for Sarasota.


Kobi Kane
Kobi Kane

Tracking last week’s article, “Girls Developing Full Potential Through Involvement in Flagler County Troop,” my niece, Kobi Kane of Troop 952 of the Girl Scouts of the USA, was responsible for expertly having my car washed.

Kobi and Danaziaha Walker were flagging cars to Prosperity Bank for the car wash and were omitted from the group photo.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.



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