Black lieutenant among 53 who applied for fire chief job

Daytona city manager hasn’t narrowed list of applicants


It’s been exactly four months this week since Daytona Beach stopped taking applications to replace Fire Chief Jim Bland who retired earlier this year only to turn around and take the same position in Holly Hill.

Lt. Larry Stoney Jr.
Lt. Larry Stoney Jr.

“The Daytona Beach Fire Chief’s job opening ran from March 27 to May 3. Fifty-three people applied – 24 from Florida and 29 from out of state. However, finalists have not been selected,” Daytona Beach Public Information Officer Susan Cerbone told the Daytona Times th  is week.

When asked why City Manager Jim Chisholm hasn’t narrowed the list down to a group of finalists, Cerbone said she was told “the selection process is the city manager’s prerogative.”

Stoney applied
Among those putting in an application for the job are Daytona Beach Fire Department employees:  Interim Fire Chief Dru Driscoll and Lt. Larry Stoney Jr.

If chosen, Stoney would be the second Black to hold the position in the city’s history.

The city’s first Black fire chief, Dwayne A. Murray, held the position for just a year – from January 2007 to January 2008. He was the city’s 16th fire chief.

He came to Daytona Beach after retiring from a 24-year career with the fire department in Birmingham, Ala.

Stoney’s current duties
In March 2010, Stoney was promoted as the department’s public information officer.

Stoney is responsible for working with the media to disseminate information to the public on the various activities and initiatives of the fire department. He has 11 years with the fire department, serving as a firefighter, driver/engineer, lieutenant, chaplain, and critical incident stress team leader.

Job requirements
According to the job posting on the city of Daytona Beach’s website, the fire chief’s pay range is between $81,052 to $143,578 and requires a bachelor’s degree in fire science, emergency medical services, public administration, or a related field.

The city also is looking for someone with “10 years of progressively responsible full-time experience in an organized paid fire department or related municipal service, five of which must have been in a managerial capacity, preferably at the level of Battalion Chief or above with responsibility for personnel and budget management,’’ according to the posting.

Other applicants
Bland, who made $123,044 in his position in Daytona Beach, is now being paid $79,500 by Holly Hill.

Others who applied for the vacant Daytona Beach fire chief job include
Craig Aberbach, Gregory Anglin, Alex Baird, Billy Dover, Jr., Daniel Spillman, Dave Casey, Dominick Lanza Jr., George Stone, James Stillwagon II, Joseph Pozzo, Kathy Johnston, Mark Bazanos, Mark Bush, Reginald Duren,  Richard Moss, Robert Staples, Steve Krivjanik, Steve Smith, William “Skip” Irby, William Banks, William Jolley, ‘William McElligott; Out of state: Brian Piercy, Brian Sullivan, David Kapler, Dennis Rubin, Don J. Horton, Fred Newton Jr., Gary Ludwig, Gary Trulson, George Zalucki, Jackie Lillie-McCammon, James B. Martin, James Samarelli, Sr., Jeson Coleman, Joe Howard, John Shearman, Keith Juneau, Keith Mitchell, Louis Hawthorne, Mario Acosta, Mark Robens, Richard Swan, Jr., Robet Wirtz, Roger Woodard, Scott Rayburn, Sean Canto, Shawn Murray, Thomas Solberg, Timothy Leidig, and William Renaldo.



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