Cell phones, iPods, tablets needed at Silver Sands Middle



Silver Sands Middle School has been chosen as one of Volusia County’s pilot schools participating in the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program.

BYOT is an educational development and a supplementary school technology-resourcing model where the home and the school collaborate in arranging for students’ 24/7/365 use of their own digital technologies to be extended into the classroom to assist their teaching and learning.

The school needs the community to donate cell phones, iPods, and tablets (that have the capability to connect to Wi-Fi) to keep on hand for teachers to check out when students are not able to bring their own technology to classrooms.

“Many students currently have Wi-Fi-enabled technology devices in their homes. However, many students are not as fortunate and their families cannot provide the extras,” said Assistant Principal Maite Porter.

“We want all of our students to benefit from the opportunities that using technology in classrooms provides. Many people have these items lying around after a recent cell phone upgrade,” Porter continued.

Contact Porter at Silver Sands Middle School at (386) 322-6175 to learn how to donate.

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  1. exDB

    Tsk tsk! Parents need to educate that Asst. Principal re the radiation health hazards — especially to youngsters — of all wifi & cellular products! Childrens’ heads have more water & their bones are thinner & not fully developed. Hence, they are radiation magnets for wifi & pulsing cell radiation. And if you want your kids to be sterile as adults, make sure they sit with laptops & iPads in their laps! Ditto leukemias & brain cancers from wifi/cell gadget usage. Instead of encouraging such habits in the young, schools & parents should be educating themselves first & foremost.

    –Read the BioInitiative Report by 49 independent scientists (not paid govt. nor corporate dupes) re wifi/cell dangers.
    –How to protect yourself & your kids, see ElectricSense.com.
    –See also GeoEngineeringWatch.org site for a lengthy detailed report (with references) posted a few days ago re little girls & wifi dangers.
    –Google for a news report out of Denmark about a month ago. A group of 9th grade girls proved via a school science experiment that plants/seeds cannot & will not grow in a room with wifi routers (if seeds can’t sprout, how much moreso a child?) Those 9th graders won an award for their efforts.
    –Notice brown dead treetops near cell towers (govt. began removing trees around cell towers so people would be none the wiser).
    –Read, Self-Educate!
    –If schools won’t listen, homeschool. Your kids will be 1000 smarter due to your individual attention vs part of a “class.”

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