City wants park named after Young


The new naming policy for properties or facilities owned by Daytona was tested during a city commission meeting Wednesday night.

Rufus ‘Buddy’ Young
Rufus ‘Buddy’ Young

Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry wanted to make good on a promise made to Madeline Young, the widow of former Zone 5 Commissioner Rufus “Buddy” Young.

Henry had informed City Manager Jim Chisholm that the North and Mark Street Flood Control Park “is a perfect park” to name in honor of the longtime commissioner who also was the county’s second Black deputy sheriff as well as a longtime coach and educator.

Unanimous vote
City commissioners unanimously voted Wednesday night to rename the park after Young.

The park is located on the west side of Nova Road, directly behind Subaru of Daytona and Jon Hall Chevrolet Used Car Super Center dealerships, between North Street and Mason Avenue. The site is located in Zone 5.

Zone 5 Commissioner Patrick Henry originally had wanted to name the park Mastodon Park.

Back in November 2011, city workers digging a retention pond during construction of the park discovered sections of a mastodon skeleton.

The suggestion was to name the park after this prehistoric animal estimated to have lived 120,000 years ago.

On Wednesday, Commissioner Henry said, “I am not against naming it after Rufus “Buddy’’ Young.’’

A long wait
In December, Mrs. Young was upset that Derbyshire Athletic Fields was being named in honor of retired educator Harold Lucas before a park or facility was named in her husband’s honor.

She pointed out that her husband had served as the zone’s commissioner for 14 years before he died in 2002 at age 77.

Mrs. Young said she would have done something earlier to have her husband honored with his name on city-owned property but was told before her husband’s passing that something would be named in his honor. That has yet to happen.

She reiterated that her husband also was a city police officer, a sheriff’s deputy and a school administrator for 30 years. “He served this city well,” she remarked.

“I’m sure the records will point out what he has done for this city. He has done much work in this city.’’

New naming policy
New guidelines for naming and renaming city-owned land and facilities provides a mechanism for commissioners to recommend names to the city manager they believe should be considered.

The process also includes a person submitting a name to a member of the city commission who can give the name if they choose to the city manager who would schedule the suggestion for city commission review.

The city commission would then determine if the request meets the approved guidelines.

They will rank selections if more than one name is submitted for consideration.

The cost of the construction of the North and Mark Street Flood Control Park was $1.9 million.

The retention ponds in the park were constructed to reduce localized neighborhood flooding.



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