Construction begins on Northwood Village II



The Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach’s board members and staff welcomed the construction of its newest development. Ground was broken September 5 on Northwood Village II.

Pictured, left to right, are Buz Ausley, Robin Courtney, Sonya Frazier, Steve Koenig, Deborah Hallisky, Anthony E. Woods, Joyours “Pete” Gamble, and John Kretzer.

Pictured, left to right, are Buz Ausley, Robin Courtney, Sonya Frazier, Steve Koenig, Deborah Hallisky, Anthony E. Woods, Joyours “Pete” Gamble, and John Kretzer.

A 27-unit property will be constructed and located on 1.93 acres in unincorporated Volusia County. The total cost of construction is over $3.5 million.

This will be the first new affordable housing of this type constructed in Daytona Beach in nearly 30 years, according to a press release provided to the Daytona Times.

Among those in attendance at the groundbreaking included U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Field Office Director Buz Ausley; Daytona Beach Housing Authority board members Robin Courtney, Sonya Frazier, Steve Koenig and John Kretzer, and CEO Anthony E. Woods; Deborah Hallisky of Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc.; and Daytona Beach Housing Development Corporation (DBHDC) CEO Joyours “Pete” Gamble.

In September 2010, a concept meeting was held to discuss the development of the site and in September 2011, the Volusia County Council unanimously approved the zoning change necessary to allow for construction.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development approved construction of the development in October 2012 through its Fair Housing Equal Opportunity Department.

The funding is primarily through the use of Capital Grant Replacement Housing Factor.

“The new property will be the catalyst for the future disposition of our Walnut Oak property. Also, the build will increase the agency’s total inventory count to provide affordable housing to seven additional eligible families,” Woods said.

Gamble, the former CEO of the Housing Authority and now president of DBHDC, said the development would have an immediate impact by bringing more work to the area plus an annual increase of funding for additional affordable housing units.

All units will be equipped with audible/visual fire alarm systems; fire suppression sprinkler system; Energy-Star appliances; stained wood cabinets; carpeting in living room and bedrooms; and vinyl flooring in kitchens, bathrooms and front entry. There will also be a picnic and barbeque grill area.

4 Responses to Construction begins on Northwood Village II

  1. Phil

    Across the street from Northwood Village will be a nice 3.5 million dollar public housing development. Is this why approximately 475, 000 dollars is currently being spent to renovate the outside of the current Northwood village complex? You can’t give us any carpeting, new cabinets, new or updated appliances but you can spend almost a half million dollars on a renovation that isn’t actually needed? Waste of money if you ask me. How about you spend money to renovate the inside of what we are all having to live in here at northwood village. I’m sure every single tenant living at Northwood village would prefer the inside be renovated over a half million dollar paint job on the outside. Half million dollars wasted on the outside and you can’t even give me new cabinets so that I won’t have to continue looking at cochroach feces in every crack and hole in them or even give us carpeting in our homes. W The city doesn’t care how we live as long as it looks nice on the outside? Some residents would be happy just to have propper maintenance repairs done when required and we can’t even get that. You cut corners to save a buck and then turn around and waste alnost a half million dollars. Why do you refuse to put the money where it’s actually needed?

  2. camisha

    Interesting in moving there.I have my voucher.thanks

  3. I would like to move out there they look very nice and peaceful

  4. Roberta Overturf

    Would like more Inf. and we are moving to Daytona as well . Please email , I am Deaf & Disable as well .
    Thank you Roberta

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