Cultural society salutes its men

01_JerolineMcCarthy01At the end of the day, a “Recognition Luncheon Honoring Men of AACS, Inc.” spirited camaraderie for a well-planned event, recently recognizing the men moving the African American Cultural Society (AACS) forward.

Twenty-eight men resounded to be part of the cultural society, yet separate, and trading suits and uniforms for paintbrushes and mops. They comprise a 501©(3) not-for-profit corporation.

The Men of AACS are shown during a recent luncheon.(COURTESY OF FLAGLER COUNTY COMMISSIONER GEORGE HANNS)
The Men of AACS are shown during a recent luncheon.

The luncheon at the African American Cultural Society interjected the men having installed the needed fixtures while forsaking golf clubs and tennis racks.

Funded repairs
They dug deep in their pockets to pay $4,000 toward liquidating the mortgage, said Recognition Luncheon Chair Lynda Baten. The mortgage was liquidated last year and the men have underwritten repairs for the vestibule, ceiling, restrooms, as well as painting the office, and replacing the air conditioner.

AACS President Edmund G. Pinto, Jr. was the second president of the Men of the AACS. James Allen was the first; Jay Foxe is the current president, and Vivian Richardson is AACS Board of Directors Chairman.

Tickets were sold out for a packed house and for catering by J. C. Curry for a cuisine of applewood lime grilled chicken.

Theatrical productions
The program echoed the classic, “Wind Beneath My Wings,” sung by Nicole Dolison. Baten and Cultural Center Administrator/emcee Diana McKie Robinson worked assiduously capturing the nuances, in addition to creating a superb journal.

Robinson created a script dubbed by her pen name Skylar Cherry for the AACS theater productions. The theatrics went well, featuring Berthrum Hinds and Edwina Rucker in a riotous performance, impersonating singers Billy Davis and Marilyn McCoo – and subliminally messaging that in order to join the organization, a prospect would not have to be a celebrity.

‘Man of the Year’ chosen
By sealed ballots, Berkeley O. Chandler, Jr. was selected “Man of the Year” by the men for outstanding contributions to their goals. Chandler was awarded a $100 restaurant gift certificate and two Southern soul blues tickets.

The luncheon marked the men taking in dedication certificates from the Flagler County Board of Commissioners and appreciation certificates from the African American Cultural Society.

The certificates reverberated the men’s dedication ascribing the signature of Nate McLaughlin, Chairman of the Flagler County Board of Directors. Pictures were taken by County Commissioner George Hanns. Also in the house were County Commissioner Frank Meeker and Palm Coast City Councilman William Lewis.

Special guests
The other guests focused were Sheriff James Manfre, Deputy County Administrator Sally Sherman, County Administrator Craig Coffey, and Attorney Marc Dwyer

The Men of AACS, Inc. “showed out” in the celebratory photo, and were: James W. Allen, Robert Alleyne, Richard Barnes, Walter Boone, Kurt Bottoms, Robert Brooks, Donald Bryant, Berkeley O. Chandler, Jr., Jay Foxe, Lionel Holder, Vincent W. Julius, Victor Krause, James Lee, Joseph Matthews, Louis McCarthy, Charles L. McCray, Sr., John McLemore, John Mills, Walter Morris, Alfred Phillips, Edmund G. Pinto, Jr., Herman Price. John Reid, Eugene Roberson, William Robinson, William Seeney, Johnie Spann and Jerome Williams.

As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.

Birthday wishes to: Floyd Thorpe, Luther White, Nicole McGlown, Oct. 12; Wanda White, Oct. 13; Michael Booker, Oct. 15.

Happy anniversary to: Luther and Wanda White, Oct. 12.



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