Three tiny reasons to be thankful

Despite mom’s complications during pregnancy, newborn triplets Jasmine, Justin and Joshuaare doing  just fine


Thanksgiving came two weeks early for Selina Galloway and husband Randy when Mom gave birth to triplets at Halifax Medical Center on Nov. 13. The naturally conceived trio was quite the surprise.

Proud mother Selina Galloway holds her newborns while their father, Randy, holds their 18-month-old son, Jeremiah.
Proud mother Selina Galloway holds her newborns while their father, Randy, holds their 18-month-old son, Jeremiah.

“I went to the doctor for my eight-week checkup and after the nurse began the sonogram she looked at me, stopped and then told me that she needed to speak with the doctor and would be right back. Thirty minutes passed and I began to worry,” explained Galloway. “Was something wrong with the baby? What was going on?”

Shocking news
After waiting for what seemed to be forever, the obstetrician came into the sonographer’s room and explained to Galloway that everything was fine, but there wasn’t one baby. She was carrying three.

“Triplets? I was stunned! I was shocked!” exclaimed Galloway, whose husband was not at the routine appointment. “I was there by myself and I had no one to share it immediately with.”

“I just grabbed the phone and started making phone calls, and I went to my husband’s job to show him the pictures. I didn’t want him to think I was joking so I just had to show him.”

Not in the clear
During her third month, Galloway began experiencing trouble with the pregnancy that called for immediate attention. “One of the babies was low on amniotic fluid, and we were being treated for twin-to-twin syndrome. We thought we would have to have surgery to save the babies’ lives,” she explained.

“I went to a specialist in Cincinnati and, thankfully, the fluid started increasing and the babies got better and I no longer met the criteria for the surgery.”

10 weeks early
Jasmine, Justin and Joshua were born four months later on Nov. 13, with weights ranging from 2 pounds 10 ounces to 3 pounds 1 ounce.

“The birth went very, very well. I heard Jasmine cry for the first time and I was just so happy. Justin came second and then Joshua.”

The infants remain in the neonatal intensive care unit (NCIU) and have been there since their birth. Galloway and her husband along with other family members visit the babies everyday.

“The doctor told us from the get-go ‘do not ask when the babies are going to go home,’” she laughed. ”The nurses on the other hand told us that typically babies are ready to go home around their due date, which would be Jan. 18.”

“Our maternal fetal medicine specialists co-managed these triplets with OB/GYN physician John Meyers, MD,’’ said Tangela Boyd, public relations specialist for Halifax Health.

“Triplets don’t happen too often and this is an excellent example of how great it is for the delivering mother to have all of our services under one roof here at Halifax Health.

We are proud to say the little ones are doing great,” “I saw them for the first time today and they had clothes on,” Galloway remarked. “I was so proud.” The 25-year-old mom added that it is a challenge for her when she’s at home and the triplets aren’t there with her.

“I go to their room and don’t see them. It’s hard and I’ve dealt with some postpartum, but once I go to the hospital I see them and I’m thankful.”

Thanksgiving at hospital
The couple will spend Thanksgiving at the NICU alongside the triplets and the couple’s 18-month-old son Jeremiah.

“Jeremiah is only 1 so he doesn’t quite understand what’s going on just yet,” noted Galloway. “But he will be a great big brother.”

From 2010-2012, there were a total of 14, 074 births in Volusia County with 447 of those being births of multiples and 75 of those to Black mothers.



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