Mayweather, others react to Broner’s beatdown

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Boxer Adrien “The Problem” Broner was defeated Saturday night in San Antonio by Argentina’s Marcos Maidana.

Adrien “The Problem’’ Broner is shown with Floyd Mayweather.

Adrien “The Problem’’ Broner is shown with Floyd Mayweather.

Naturally, because Broner, who had never been beaten before, is known for talking a lot of smack, was the object of intense Twitter scrutiny.

Yep, everybody had something to say about Broner’s first defeat.

But what about his mentor, Floyd “Money” Mayweather? Interestingly, Mayweather’s comments were kind of muted  with respect to Broner’s beatdown.

Still called a champion
Here’s what he told Hip Hollywood on the red carpet of his annual Celebrity Classic Toy Drive on Sunday.

“Adrien Broner is a true champion. I love him. I take my hat off to him,” he said. “When you’re at the top, everybody wants to ride the wave, be by your side. But as soon as you take a loss, everybody wants to talk bad about you. It comes with the territory. When you’re competing, someone has to win, someone has to lose … I’m going to stand behind him.”

Choosing his words carefully, boxing legend Sugar Shane Mosley characterized Broner as “real champion.”

“I take the good out of it. I seen a young kid who had a great chin, had a lot of heart. He got knocked down, got back up and fought all the way to the end.”

Jamie Foxx was also on the scene and in his opinion it was all about Broner being humbled (in the match)  as in it’s a learning lesson.

“Sometimes the universe will humble us, but you know, brush it off and come back.”

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  1. andrew hanson

    Broner did prove he has a strong chin, but also proved he cannot take as good as he gives, and I’m not talking about the punches he absorbed from Maidana. I’m speaking on the non interview he did not give at the end of the fight. To me it shows a weak link in his character, not to be able to face the public after such a good fight, that even his fans enjoyed. To not give us the opportunity to see the class we had hoped he had even if it was in defeat.

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