Police chief urges residents to be proactive during holidays


Law enforcement authorities are urging Daytona Beach residents to be vigilant of crime activity during the holiday season. Crowded shopping malls, wrapped presents and people in a generous spirit are attractive targets for criminals.

While this might be the most joyous time of year for many residents, nothing could ruin the holiday spirit faster than becoming the victim of a crime. Criminals will identify potential targets by the empty boxes left curbside for the garbage man.

Packaging from new computers, cameras, DVD players, televisions or stereos are attractive, curbside advertisements for crooks.

Discard boxes wisely
This year the Daytona Beach Police Department and WastePro are teaming up to place 14 recycle dumpsters around the city for residents to discard and recycle boxes.

“Criminals canvas neighborhoods to find out which homes have new and expensive gifts inside,” said Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood.

“Don’t provide clues by discarding packaging in plain view. By recycling boxes at the city’s temporary recycling drop-off sites, homeowners can lower the risk of criminal activity. Not only is this new program environmentally friendly, but it also supports crime prevention.”

From Tuesday, Dec. 24, through Saturday, Dec. 28, there will be recycling dumpsters at the following locations:

Beachside drop-off sites

•Fire Station No. 3, 945 N. Halifax Ave.
•Lenox Park, 819 S Grandview Ave.
•Peabody Auditorium, 600 Peabody Ave. (in parking lot in rear)
•Schnebly Recreational Center, 1101 N Atlantic Ave.
Mainland drop-off sites
•Bethune Point Park – 101 Bellevue Ave. (east of ball fields in parking lot)
•Derbyshire Park & Sports Complex – 859 Derbyshire Road
Dickerson Community Center – 308 S. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
•Fire Station No. 1, 301 S. Beach St.
•Fire Station No. 6, 2020 Beville Road
•Fire Station No. 7, 2545 LPGA Blvd.
•Halifax Harbor Marina on Beach Street
•Former police station, 990 Orange Ave.
•Public works facility, 950 Bellevue Ave.
•Sunnyland Park, 825 Washington Ave.

Residents are asked to remove packing materials and flatten and bundle all boxes.



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