Judge reinforces King’s message at Flagler program

01_JerolineMcCarthy01Judge Hubert L. Grimes, keynote speaker for Dr. Martin Luther King Day, spoke of Dr. King’s dream as part of a larger dream of finishing the work of Jesus, and knowing that people need help in understanding God’s blessings and the evils of this world.

The audience wrapped their minds around the judge’s appeal during the ecumenical service celebrating Dr. King. The service was held by the New York City Transit Retirees of Florida (NYCTROF), inviting the public to the First Baptist Church, the Rev. Dr. Dennis Littleton’s pastoral ministry. In the midst with the crowd was Judge Grimes’ wife, Daisy; daughter, Ebun; and the judge’s brother in the ministry, the Rev. Dr. Kevin James.

The Honorable Hubert L. Grimes said that people are trying to reduce Dr. King’s message of self–realization.(JEROLINE MCCARTHY/DAYTONA TIMES)
The Honorable Hubert L. Grimes said that people are trying to reduce Dr. King’s message of self–realization.

Judge Grimes defied racial barriers during his election as the first Black judge in Volusia County. He was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush in 1999 as a circuit court judge.

In addition to earning a Juris Doctorate in 1980 from the University of Georgia Law School, he earned a graduate degree in Practical Theology from the International Seminary in 2004.

Judge Grimes, an educator/author, paused to compliment 14-year-old Alana Williams on her oratory of the “I Have a Dream” speech, and foreshadowing Alana someday to become a lawyer.

He rolled out that people who profligate ideas, who seek to make money, are trying to reduce Dr. King’s message of self-realization, which is something that is clean, non-confrontational, and non-controversial.

“Today, we must be careful not to allow this new definition of manhood, which is trying to creep into our society – being weak and uncaring, or about being a living thug. We’ve got to make sure we don’t allow that spirit to take control of our society,” affirmed the judge.

Important message for parents
Judge Grimes reeled in Dr. King’s reminder of personal excellence, of not accepting the mediocrity of doing only enough to get by, and while parents grapple the idea of children making their own decisions.

“Even parents today no longer push their children to excel,” said the judge, “but they accept this weird idea to allow children to make their own choices. …Isn’t it important for us to remember that God made parents to raise children, and not children to dictate to parents?”

Judge Grimes cited parents who do not make their kids clean up their rooms, which do not set bedtimes for their kids, or allow the kids to say anything, without correcting them.

“It’s important for us to understand that when you see a child just pretty much allowed to get by, allowed to just be mediocre, allowed to accept anything, to do anything,” urged Judge Grimes – who sat 11 years in Juvenile Court – “that child is unfortunately on his way to prison; he’s on his way to a negative end. And that’s why God gave us parents. We’re the ones that have to promote excellence.”

Other presentations incorporated with the service were made by Marie Winston McCray, NYCTROF president; and Thea Smith, event chairperson. This year’s theme was titled, “Unfulfilled Dreams.” Funds taken for the offertory were donated to The Flagler County Free Clinic. Music was provided by the Community Chorus with Director Linda Hodges and pianist Linda Oertel.

The clergy rising to the clarion call of participation were the Rev. Dr. Dennis Littleton, the Rev. Dr. Edwin Coffie, Pastor Pam Northrup, and the Rev. Charlene E. Cothran.

Seminar to deal with ‘Art of Message’
A special seminar, “The Art of Marriage,” will be presented on Feb. 7, 6 – 9 p.m., and continue on Feb. 8, 9 – 4 p.m., at Palm Coast United Methodist Church.

The seminar is designed to encourage couples, regardless of how long they’ve been married, as well as those contemplating marriage.

The cost is $40 per couple and will provide all study material, the Saturday lunch, and the Saturday evening dinner-dance, beginning at 6 p.m.

Childcare is available upon request. The seminar will conclude with a vow renewal ceremony for each Sunday service on Feb. 9. Certificates will be distributed following each service for those participating.

For further inquiry, call the church at 386-445-1600. Palm Coast United Methodist Church is the pastoral ministry of the Rev. Dr. Kevin James, located at 5200 Belle Terre Parkway,  Palm Coast.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.

Birthday wishes to: Loretta Bryant, Fred Fowler, Eleanor McCray Francis, Sondra Henderson, Esther Hamilton, Dr. James Cauley, Jan. 31; Kionie Jordan, Feb. 2; Shirley Ruth, Feb. 3; Chloe’ Malloy, Bernice Moore, Alquon Hicks, Jacqualine Whyte, Feb. 5.

Happy anniversary to Leonard and Vivian Rowe, Feb. 5.



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