America, the land of the free!

Darlene Aiken
Guest Columnist

The doctor says, ma’am, you’ve been feeling under the weather because, great news, you are pregnant! The immediate thought is supposed to be one of jubilation, yet the only emotion that rears its head is the one of, Oh! Lord, please let it be a girl, please, please, please! I do not want to raise a male in a country where he is hated. Hated because of the color of his skin, his natural athletic ability, his natural ability to possess SWAG, his natural intellect, his natural comprehensive strength, his natural ability to function in a chameleon-like manner which is attractive to many.

So much so that those who possess melanin, but have allowed the system to beat them to a bloodied pulp, prey on him as well as the melaninless who fear annihilation preys on him too.

The major difference with the melaninless predators is that they usually wield the power to destroy the future of the one in which they fear. Their fear is so deeply rooted because that is the one area in which they lack the power to bring about a change, in their favor, so they resort to other measures at the expense of their own salvation.

Lady you are crazy to think like that. You should want to give birth to any child that would possess great attributes. Yeah! Bittersweet is the emotion and the experience. While he’s small, they’re patting him on the head and pinching his cheeks discussing that he is cute and cuddly. If he grows up to reach the age of seven, those same people lock their car doors when he crosses the street, clutch their purses when they see him in the same store, and accuse him of raping their daughters. Those same people attempt to indoctrinate him into believing that he is inferior to all and that his ancestor’s only contribution to this world was slavery. He will get beat and maimed by his own for wearing the wrong colors and being smart as well as beat by others for wearing the wrong color and being smart.

A target no matter what
Bittersweet because if he grows up to smoke crack, drink Ciroc and Henny, wears his pants under his buttocks, listens to hip hop/rap, sports the free designer wear in the penitentiary from time-to-time, he has accomplished society’s goals and expectations. However, if he attends college and does so on a full scholarship academic or otherwise, is a successful entrepreneur/businessman, has a clean criminal record, and has home training, he’s a threat, thinks he’s better, and a target for the dream killers. Dream killers come in all hues and many times reside within our family structure and look just like us. So, what is the difference if the end result is death? His death can come at any time and any place for any reason or lack thereof, just ask the families of Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Jordan Davis, Amadou Diallo, Yusef Hawkins, Michael Griffith, Rodney King, Osmane Zongo, Timothy Stansbury, Calvin Washington, Allen Newsome, Jamil Moore, and others.  Black parents are the only species that harbor feelings of fear every single moment that their male children are not in their presence.

So sad that there are seasons to hunt wild animals, but there is not a season in which Black males are off limits to be hunted. There are television and radio campaigns to save the wild animals, but there are not any campaigns to save Black males from becoming extinct. In fact, the campaigns are in favor of the extinction of Black males. God will NOT be mocked, watch out!

Darlene Aiken is an adjunct lecturer, international bestselling author, publisher, transformational speaker, award-winning self-esteem & personal growth coach and founder of Inner Beauty Solutions, Inc.



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