Prayer breakfast sets tone for Women’s Day

01_JerolineMcCarthy01Adding to a theme, the Rev. Mattie Riley Hayes gave meaning to certain Scriptures that kicked off a prayer breakfast as a first of three events for Women’s Day.

At the focus of the events is a Women’s Day White Elephant Sale, Spa Day, and the actual Women’s Day event of Sept. 7, followed by the Women’s Day Dinner. It’s also worthy that the Women’s Missionary Society will sponsor a luncheon come April 12, 11 a.m.

At the prayer breakfast were the Rev. Cheryl Daniels, Mary Davidson Hinds and the Rev. Mattie Riley Hayes. In the background is First Church First Lady Sachiko Glover. (COURTESY OF HERBERT H. BOOKER)
At the prayer breakfast were the Rev. Cheryl Daniels, Mary Davidson Hinds and the Rev. Mattie Riley Hayes. In the background is First Church First Lady Sachiko Glover.

Hayes, who is the fiery, powerful pastor at New Zion AME Church, Williston, was the guest speaker, working around the occasion that enhanced stunning table decor and fellowship.

Community and congregation packed the prayer breakfast at First Church, where the Rev. Gillard S. Glover is the pastor.

It was a culinary payoff of sausage, scrambled eggs, hashbrown potatoes, grits, rolls, and fruit salad – and through sponsors and boosters, who helped underwrite the occasion.

It displayed the theme, “Women Working for the Kingdom”;  however, Hayes took her cue from Nehemiah 4:8-15, and remade the theme, “Women Working for the Kingdom: Show Me What You’re Working With.”

Teary reaction
A push of God’s Spirit filled the place, and golden nuggets – from the Word of God, which the messenger preached – were welcomed in the hearts of those heeding God’s Word.

Some time later, a woman came forward overwhelmed by the move of God – and choked up with tears – sought to renew the hope of being used by God, despite attacks from the enemy.

Both Pastor Glover and Rev. Hayes prayed for the woman and sought God for His outpouring of change in the woman’s life.

Regardless of harassment from the enemy and distress by God’s people, Nehemiah, the king’s cupbearer during the Jews’ captivity in Babylon, carried out his assignment of rejoining the exiles to rebuild the broken-down wall of Jerusalem for the return of worship.

Hayes preached that prayer is essential for what we are working with. She exclaimed that Nehemiah prayed for God’s cleansing, which narrows down to our cleansing from our dirt and the mess of sin. She exalted that while we are on assignment, we are in great affliction and have no time to play church. And so, we must both pray and fast.

She said if the devil came to Jesus, he will surely come to us.

Show me your prayer life and God will put people in your life who will help. Moreover, Hayes said that Nehemiah made his request known to God, and it was then that the king allowed Nehemiah’s return to Jerusalem.

More on Nehemiah
Hayes evangelized that Nehemiah kept what he was doing a secret; he took inventory of what he had to do, and did not boast or procrastinate. He was prepared and began working, while – unlike many of us who are unprepared and unequipped – we do not have the right words because we do not attend Sunday School and Bible study.

Hayes pressed forth showing that Nehemiah started his assignment whether anyone was there or not. No matter how old or young we are, we have what we are working with, and our ministry must be taken seriously. Another tool, from Hayes’ message, which shows what we are working with, pinpoints that we are never to stop praying because the enemy thinks that he’s smart.

Still, the contents of the occasion included the Rev. Cheryl Daniels leading the invocation and blessing the food; Stephanie Dennis carrying out the Scripture reading, and Marsha Rode offering a solo in song.

The other credits included Sondra L. Henderson, the Women’s Day Chair, and Vivian Richardson, the Co-Chair.

Yours truly had the function of being the worship leader and the chair of the Prayer Breakfast Committee, which was made up  of Nellie Chapman Davis, Mattie DeVore, Carolyn Able, and Virene Garrett.

I extend my many thanks for the marvelous contributions from everyone.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.

Birthday wishes to: John McVay, April 4; Delcena Samuels, April 7; Eugene Price, Darthula McQueen, April 8.

Happy anniversary to: Robert and Lynne Williams, April 7.



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