Fresh law grad wants to unseat commissioner


Stanley B. Pandy II, a recent graduate of Florida A&M University’s law school, will challenge Daytona Beach Commissioner Patrick Henry for his Zone 5 seat.

Stanley Pandy II stands in front of the Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural and EducationalCenter,  a staple structure in Daytona Beach’s Zone Five.(ASHLEY THOMAS/DAYTONA TIMES)
Stanley Pandy II stands in front of the Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural and EducationalCenter, a staple structure in Daytona Beach’s Zone Five.

The Daytona Beach resident graduated from high school five years ago and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University. He graduates from Florida A&M University’s College of Law in Orlando this week and plans to take the Florida Bar Exam in February 2015.

Pandy says that although he’s just 23 years old, he has knowledge beyond his age. His career and service history include planning community service projects to help the local and international community through Florida State University as well as participating as a mentor for students enrolled in Bethune-Cookman University’s Male Explorers Program.

“Some people are afraid to ask for help from other people. I do not pretend to know everything. I am a humble individual,” he told the Daytona Times.

Downward trend
Pandy says that he remembers the more “vibrant years” of the Daytona Beach area where he grew up.

“Throughout high school, throughout college, I saw Zone 5 take a downward trend. Now I drive through Zone 5 and I see houses boarded up, streets aren’t in the best condition. My childhood neighborhood has turned into a sad state in comparison to other areas,” he remarked.

“When I go in to other zones in Daytona Beach, the roads are well-maintained, there aren’t as many boarded houses. When I drive through Zone 5, there is a boarded house on every street and it depreciates others property value. The boarded-up YMCA will discourage others from wanting to move into that area.’’

Economic development
Pandy says he wants people to look both inside and outside of their zone to see where improvements can be made.

“The job of the commissioner is to advocate for people in his zone. When you look at International Speedway, the city is pumping a lot more resources in that zone than they are pumping this zone. I want them to look at the zones across the river where the city is subsidizing hotels to come for economic development in that zone,” Pandy added.

“I want the people of Zone 5 to say ‘How is the city helping to bring economic development to this zone, Zone 5?’ It is important to have youth centers for the youth, to receive tutoring, to let off their steam, but it is also important to have economic development in the zone because economic development is what appreciates your property values.

He continued, “It’s what someone who wants to move to this zone, they want to see that this place has good jobs. Zone 5 does not have the type of development that other zones that the city of Daytona Beach has.”

Pandy adds that he looks forward to working with the other commissioners as well as Mayor Derrick Henry, whose brother is his challenger.

“I’ve always been a person who is able to negotiate and find a middle ground. That’s one of the things that have been troublesome  in the arena such as Congress. People aren’t able to meet at that middle ground. I want to be able to say, ‘Hey bring business to Zone 5 that will benefit the entire community.’”



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