Orange Avenue overhaul under way



Orange Avenue ProjectThe City of Daytona Beach broke ground Thursday morning in front of the Dickerson Center signifying the beginning of the Orange Avenue Reconstruction Project.

As first reported in the Daytona Times back in 2012, the initial estimate for the overhaul was estimated to cost $19 million. However, through the city’s bidding process that cost came down to just shy of $1.5 million lower at $17.6 million.

“We were lucky to have a very favorable bidding process,” Deputy City Manager and Public Works Director Ron McLemore told the Times. “We spent a lot of time with perfecting our bid documents. They were extremely easy to interpret and didn’t leave items for the contractors to guess at to determine what the price was. It was the right time to be in the bid market. We were all elated. We had a local contractor (Thadcon LLC) who really wanted the job.”

No CRA funds
McLemore added that that no CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) funds were used.


Former Midtown Redevelopment Board Chair Hemis Ivey said that he was glad to see the project being started, adding that he was “not pleased on how it is being done in terms of financial input from the Midtown community and not from the city budget. It’s a bigger picture issue, but I am sure the city as a whole needs it done being that it is a major artery.”

As previously reported, Ivey was upset that $1 million was initially taken out of Midtown Area Redevelopment funds to complete the project and requested that instead of using their funds – which the board would like to be used elsewhere in Midtown – monies be taken from public utilities coffers instead of CRA funds.

“We are the only ones (board) contributing $1 million,” said Ivey.

The long-awaited $17.6 million project will completely reconstruct the roadway’s base and surface as well as provide new water, sewer and drainage systems, upgrade traffic signalization and street lighting, widen sidewalks and bury utilities.

The project is expected to take about 24 months to complete and was made possible by partnering with Volusia County and the state of Florida.


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