Daytona Beach chosen for new women’s empowerment conference


Othal Partners, LLC has announced a multicultural conference and expo for women, the Opal Network Alliance (ONA). It is slated for Friday, Sept. 19 at the Ocean Center.

With a growing board of advisors, which comprises multiple cultural experts with international experience, ONA is poised to become the preeminent resource for women of all backgrounds.

From categories that are most common, yet not always easily understood, ONA will offer presentations on various aspects of life for the total woman, including business development and growth, health, achievement, interpersonal enrichment, and careers.

Under these headings will take place multiple seminars on such topics as money management, diet and nutrition, entrepreneurship, relationships, leadership, overcoming gender inequities, public speaking, time management, re-invention and networking.

Student Ambassador Program
ONA’s presenters include a select group of noteworthy thought and industry leaders. Hailing from diverse cultures and many walks of life, each of these prime movers is ready to assist ONA attendees in their personal and professional growth.

The Opal Network Alliance is also delighted to announce its community reinvestment initiative, the ONA Student Ambassador Program. This prestigious scholarship, once awarded, will be paid directly to a student’s college or university for the purpose of offsetting that student’s expenses.

In addition to offering phenomenal presentations, ONA includes panel discussions, a continental breakfast, an empowerment luncheon, and a networking ice cream social, held at the end of the day.

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