Volusia increases daily beach vehicle access fee to $10

The Volusia County Council has approved ordinance changes that increase vehicular beach fees for the first time in 20 years. The fees will become effective Feb. 1.

The new fees are $10 for a daily pass, $25 for a county resident annual pass and $100 for a nonresident annual pass.

The cost of driving on the beach in Volusia County goes up on Feb. 1.
The cost of driving on the beach in Volusia County goes up on Feb. 1.

A daily pass will allow the purchaser to re-enter the beach once without additional charge.

The fees will be collected year-round, but county residents will continue to have free access in December and January.

The County Council also approved increasing the daily fee at Lighthouse Point Park in Ponce Inlet and Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach to $10. The annual park pass will remain at $20.

Super passes and twilight passes have been eliminated.

Unchanged since 1993
Vehicle access fee revenue helps to offset the cost of beach operations including lifeguarding, law enforcement, garbage collection, and maintenance of public restrooms. The county’s annual beach budget is funded in large part by countywide property taxes.

The fees, which have been collected from Feb. 1 through Nov. 30, have remained unchanged since 1993, while costs to maintain and protect the beach have increased to $10.5 million a year. Beach vehicle access fee revenues currently bring in $2.6 million a year. It’s expected that revenues will increase to $4.2 million, reducing the burden on the county’s general fund.

According to county officials, $2 of each daily pass will go toward beach-related capital projects.

Credit and debit cards will be accepted at the International Speedway Boulevard, Silver Beach Avenue, Dunlawton Boulevard, Flagler Avenue, Third Avenue and Beachway Avenue ramps. Credit and debit cards also will be accepted at Lighthouse Point Park and Smyrna Dunes Park.



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