Taylor’s run for chair may lead to historic council


Florida State Rep. Dwayne Taylor has filed with the Volusia Department of Elections to run for Volusia County chair in 2016. The District 26 representative is the first person to file for the seat.

150212_dt_front03If Taylor is elected, he would accompany At-Large Council Member Joyce Cusack, making it the first time two Blacks sat on the county’s most powerful dais simultaneously.

Cusack was elected last November and won’t face re-election until 2018.

Elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2008 and re-elected subsequently in 2010, 2012 and 2014, Taylor has reached a term limit in the House and is barred from running again in 2016.

He has been involved in local government for over a decade serving as a Daytona Beach city commissioner from 2003-2008.

More Blacks needed
At a recent forum of city and county leaders, Cusack beseeched the audience saying, “We have to have a workplace that is more diverse. I’ve been on the council now for four years and prior to that I worked for 13 years for Volusia County. There are not many folk of color that work for Volusia County.

“We need to get somebody to work for Volusia County that looks like me. Every time I go into a session and we have our department heads come in, there are no folk of color as department heads.”

The current council has seven members and is chaired by Jason Davis.

Taylor was not available for comment.



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