‘Black Lives Matter’ today, tomorrow, forever


02-sgreyWhenever Black Americans use the term “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), many (but not all) Whites cringe because they believe Blacks are calling for the hatred of Whites and police officers. That’s absurd.

BLM is not a slogan. It’s a movement by which Black Americans must remind this world that we, our lives, our families, and our future matter. Does BLM diminish the lives of other groups? No.

Any rational person who reads and studies history understands that Black Americans have been used and abused by people, institutions, and systems who regard us as being inferior and less than human.

Even though Black Americans have made and continue to make progress in these so-called United States of America, it’s important to realize that we, as Black Americans, must work to find solutions by whatever means we can. Does that mean violence? No. It does mean we cannot include oppressive groups in the planning process.

Politicians who create laws and policies to keep us down need to be excluded from the discussion.

Crooked politicians and those who support them must be exposed. We must financially boycott any and all businesses that contribute to White supremacy, directly and indirectly.

Whites who dismiss the BLM movement as being racist are delusional because their comfort level is being threatened. Many Whites will never know the feeling of shopping, driving, working, creating your own business while Black.

Pandering speech
Hillary Clinton’s recent speech after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were both killed asking Whites to put themselves in African-Americans shoes was a joke. Here’s another example of a White politician trying to pander Black Americans for a vote by saying the right thing. Let’s put her on the spot and have her address the policies during her husband’s administration that saw an increase in the number of Blacks entering the criminal justice system.

Many Whites don’t have a problem with Black Americans until race and race relations becomes a topic of discussion. If animal cruelty happens, they will speak up and speak out. But when Black men and women are unfairly treated by systems, you don’t hear a word. That’s why it’s critical to always uphold BLM. If we don’t take pride in who we are, no one else will.

Just because Black Americans promote BLM it doesn’t mean we are anti-police, anti-White, or anti-American. We can be pro-Black and pro-American at the same time. Common sense tells us you won’t find Whites telling a Jew, an Irish, or a Latino not to be proud of their heritage.

We have power
However, Whites feel the need to tell us not to be too Black or pro-Black. Any White person who asks us to “tone down” our Blackness is intimidated as well as threatened by us. Why? Because they know our power and our greatness.

To get spiritual – the enemy will always try to get us to forget our history, our culture, and our greatness. As long as the enemy can keep us divided, he wins. That’s the job of those who disavow the BLM movement.

It won’t work because Black Americans are too resilient to give up. Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow, and forever.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, business trainer, writer, and success coach. Contact him at www.sinclairgrey.org.



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