The Black church can no longer remain silent

02-sgreyThere was a time when the Black church was the center of community development and empowerment. It was more than the house of God; it was a place that community activists gathered to find solutions for people who were disenfranchised by a crooked and demonic system.

In many ways, the Black church was the driving force behind change and transformation. Black ministers were about empowering people and fighting against systems that promoted injustice and inequality. You heard sermons that crossed the line of “church and state” because the morality of the state and even the country was called into question.

Sadly, sinfully, and shamefully, many of our Black churches have forgotten what they’re called to do.

Many Black ministers are cowardly and won’t speak out against the “hell” that’s being portrayed in these so-called United States of America.

Fear or miseducation?
Could it be fear of losing members? Could it be that many of these ministers simply don’t care about the least and left out because they have become poisoned by Western teachings?

I applaud the many Black preachers who make it their business and duty to stand up and speak out against injustice. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough of them.

And as we are about to elect the next president, I’m amazed at how many evangelical Christians refuse to challenge and confront systems that are ungodly. (Really, I’m not.)

Evangelical Christians talk about being against abortion, but don’t say anything about unfair policies that lock up Black and Brown people at alarming rates.

Evangelical Christians take pride in America and how people ought to stand for the national anthem, but refuse to confront the history of the author of the song and all of its verses.

Evangelical Christians want people to remain ignorant on issues because those who read, study, analyze, and critique issues outside of the Bible pose a serious threat to their hidden ideology.

Still alive
The issues that affect people of all races, especially those within the African-American community cannot and should be neglected. President Obama’s election only proved that racism and bigotry is still alive and active in America.

Whoever believed we transitioned into a post-racial world was living a fairytale. This country has always been divided and now even more so by the color of President Obama’s skin.

(And just because Obama does not have an American-sounding name doesn’t make him a Muslim. For my so-called biblical scholars, read the book of Numbers and you won’t find American-sounding names.)

Where’s the Black church and its leaders who profess to be representatives of God? When will the Black church take down the “White Jesus” and start promoting a Jesus who was a man of color who preached and cared about transformation, justice, equality, and righteousness?

Shut them down
When will the Black church and its leaders shut down Deacon’s Day, Trustee’s Day, Ushers Day, and all the other days that don’t educate and challenge people to make a difference? When will the Black church teach about the importance of being Black and proud with being apologetic or ashamed?

As a minister, I’m calling on every Black church and its leaders to discuss relevant issues. I challenge the church to move from hooping and hollering on every cliché and start speaking up when injustice happens. I double-dare the leaders within the Black church to wake up their members and take on the spirit of Black liberation theology without apologizing for doing so.

This challenge isn’t about discriminating against non-Blacks; it’s about truth-telling and setting people free.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him at, or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey.



  1. Thank you so much Dr. Sinclair Grey for this relevant article that touches on the heart of the many failures of the Black Church. Many Black Churches have turned their backs on the true Gospel of Christ Jesus. They are good for nothing and have no conscience of its down trodden. The prosperity gospel is one of the worst evils that could have ever taken place in the Black Church and these other senseless programs that do nothing to change the lives of poverty stricken black people in desperate situations. We have become laughing stocks to a dying world who see no light in the church. Many anti black church groups are steadily growing with a fervent hatred toward the Black Church because of its hypocrisy.

    Its beyond sad. I have left the Black Church myself due to disconnect from relevant issues that face us. I didn’t leave Christ Yeshua. I hope the Black Churches will take on your dare before it is too late. Once again, thank you for being honest because it refreshes the soul.


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