Earl McCrary will always be remembered


Many in our community recently had an opportunity to pay homage to Mr. Earl C. McCrary, II, former principal of Campbell Jr. High School and Campbell Middle School.

Mr. McCrary was an amazing leader who was the epitome of relationship building.  He made everyone feel that he/she was “Number One” whether you were a student, teacher, staff member, parent or community member.  As students entered or departed the school, he could be seen holding up his index finger and chanting, “Number One!”

Mr. McCrary launched my career in Volusia County Schools by hiring me as a teacher in 1980.  I was entrusted with teaching so many wonderful students and later serving in several administrative positions in Volusia County Schools from which I retired with 36 years of service.  I will forever be grateful to Mr. McCrary for his encouragement for many years.

It was great to see former students, but most importantly, it was heartwarming to know that so many of them have reached their goals in life and are productive citizens.  Hats off to the committee members who sponsored the Campbell Jr. High School Reunion weekend for the classes of 1974-1992!  Mr. Earl C. McCrary, II passed away 10 years ago, but he lives on in our hearts.

Vickie J. Presley is a retired area superintendent for Volusia County Schools.



  1. I am very glad to have been a student at Campbell Junior High school back then nd if at any time there was a school that I can return the years of learning would be to go back to Campbell Junior High (great years) nd the teachers were great also they made sure yhur lessons came first before games I salute us all nd #1 Mr. Earl McCrary II ????

  2. Mr. Mc.C as i called him. Was much more sympathetic than Mr. Phifer in Student Control. They had seperate offices but i spent time in both. Foolshly one day as we were leaving school Mr .C would stand at the end of the bus lineup and hold his finger up letting us know we were #1. I gave him the finger. He chased the bus down and pulled me off. Took me to his office and explained to me the difficulties in his jpb. And Ii wasn’t helping things. I was 14. He talked to me like a man. I gained sooo much respect for him from that day forward. He never told my patents. He didnt need to… I was fully ashamed. Unfortunatly, my grades still suffered but he was REAL.. terry nisleit


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