White supremacy – America’s greatest terroristic threat

Ever since he decided to run for president of the United States of America, Donald Trump through his words and actions has divided this country in such a horrific manner that the progress made in race and religious relations has become a distant memory.

The presidency of Donald Trump has uncovered – or reignited – the greatest terroristic organization to grace the shores of the United States: White supremacy.

What about here?
With so much talk about ISIS and protecting the U.S. from radical terrorists, the Trump administration refuses to address two biggest domestic terroristic organizations – the KKK and those affiliated with the “alt-right.”

Those who subscribe to White supremacy don’t care about diversity. They don’t care about anything that threatens their demonic ideology. So why are people asking Trump to denounce White supremacy? It makes no sense.

His administration is full of those who participate and contribute to White supremacy, directly and/or indirectly. What’s more troubling is seeing many Blacks act as though White supremacy is a thing of the past and isn’t real in today’s world.

Not ‘post-racial’
We are not living a post-racial world as long as White supremacists control the politics and the economy.

White supremacy wants to destroy anyone and anything that goes against their will. That’s why White supremacists will kill and destroy innocent people in foreign countries so that they can rebuild in the name of greed and profit. As long as they can manipulate others into thinking along their thought pattern, people will continue to overlook the greatest terrorists in this country: White supremacy.

What happened two weeks ago in Portland, Oregon – when self-professed White nationalist Jeremy Joseph Christian harassed two Muslim women and killed two men and wounded another who stood up to protect these women –  is a clear example of why Trump and his rhetoric is wrong for this country.

Of course, the media began questioning Christian’s mental state and not calling him what he deserves to be called – a terrorist. Let’s be honest for a moment – if a Muslim man harassed two White women and killed and stabbed White men, he would be quickly labeled a terrorist.

Slow response
As you probably know, President Trump took two days to respond and when he did respond, he did so from the official presidential Twitter page, not his personal account that he’s SO in love with. Did Trump condemn White supremacy? Of course not. Why should he? He’s surrounded by many who subscribe to that demonic ideology.

The time is now for those with courage and boldness to call out White supremacy as being the greatest terrorist threat to the US. And it’s time for Black Americans to use the Second Amendment and arm themselves.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, business trainer, writer, and success coach. Contact him at drgrey@sinclairgrey.org.



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