Yes, I’m writing about Trump again

I’m among those who really would like to move on. But as a lawyer, I know that there’s a legal principle that says, “Silence is consent,” so I just can’t allow myself the luxury of ignoring current events without comment.

First, can you believe the naivety of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross when stating that he was amazed that “The Donald’s” visit to Saudi Arabia was so successful?  He based success on the fact that the visit did not draw a single protestor or oppositional placard.

No previous experience
Ross’ comment speaks to the level of knowledge and experience among Trump’s inner circle.  Ross obviously failed to learn that protesting is illegal and banned in the kingdom.  I’m sure somebody wanted to protest, but was not eager to face up to 15 years in a Saudi prison for doing so.

If that statement isn’t bad enough, Ross appeared fascinated and enamored with a kingdom that is so repressive and regressive it doesn’t even allow women to drive.  As one Saudi cleric put it, “Driving could harm women’s ovaries!”  To their credit, some women are not frightened and are challenging that and other archaic laws.

Trump’s bluster regarding “radical Islamic terrorists” and keeping Muslims out of “AWVUH” (think he means “OUR”) country is familiar to all.  However, when given the opportunity to express himself in Saudi Arabia, not once did he mention the phrase he condemned President Obama for not using.  Is that hypocrisy, or did the carefully worded document in front of him preclude any “freestyling?”  He’s now substituted “loser(s)” in his personal lexicon for the phrase “radical Islamic terrorists.”

Flood of news
Meanwhile, we have been flooded with breaking (bad) news about Russians interfering in our 2016 presidential election.  Before he could clear US airspace, we were shocked with the news of an Oval Office meeting with two of Trump’s Russian buddies wherein he disclosed high-level military intelligence and berated former FBI Director James Comey as a “crazy nut case.”

We have learned that Trump’s attempt to obstruct the investigation of possible collusion between his campaign and Russia to manipulate the 2016 election outcome is more expansive than originally thought.  Not only did he (self-admittedly) fire Comey for that purpose, Trump solicited two other intelligence executives to use their influence to quash continuing inquiry into the matter.

Trump has demonstrated his disdain for recognizing the intelligence of the American voter, but I hope he is not so deluded as to think that while he is away The Russia Thing will disappear.  He will also have to deal with the broken campaign promises outlined in his proposed budget

More to come
I will address this budget in greater detail in an upcoming column, but it is an attack on most of us – persons with disabilities, seniors, children, and others.  I wonder how many Trump supporters see themselves on the chopping block that is his budget.

Despite its flaws, I’ve always thought America to be a great place.  I thank God that “Making America Great Again” in Trump’s image is proving more difficult than first thought.

Dr. E. Faye Williams is national chair of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. Contact her via



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