Former Daytona resident having success as Hollywood actress


Janab Kareem Davis, a former Daytona Beach resident, is receiving accolades for her work as a Hollywood actress.

Davis recently acted in a play, “Chatter,’’ that won three awards at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

The play was nominated for six awards. The festival is described as an annual, open-access, community-derived event celebrating freedom of expression and collaboration in the performing arts community.

“Chatter’’ is a dark comedy “about battling the destructive voices that tear us down from within our own mind.’’

‘Anxiety’ in play
The play was written, directed and produced by writer Natasha Lewin and featured a diverse, all-female cast. It deals with mental health issues.

“It’s always a beautiful thing when you can get a diverse cast that came from different cultures, religion, and beliefs under one roof to discuss a common issue. Suicide is an ongoing epidemic that doesn’t discriminate. I got the opportunity in a few nights to entertain, educate and affect people,’’ Davis said.

About her role as “Anxiety,’’ she called it a blessing because “it allowed me to play with a character whose mental state was never stable and could take you mentally and physically to your breaking point. That is something I couldn’t pass up.’’

Attended Atlantic High
Born in Ventura California, she spent some early years in Daytona Beach and attended Atlantic High School. She was raised by her Irish mother and African-American and American Indian father along with her three brothers.

Davis began modeling at 16 years old, and at 17 moved to New York City to pursue modeling full time and attend college.

She went on to serve active duty in the Coast Guard for eight years. When she moved to Los Angeles, she made the transition from modeling to acting, and just filmed a part in Adam Zwig’s music video, “Raising People.’’

Screen work too
Davis also has been featured in films, TV and commercials nationally and a spokesperson internationally. She has made a name for herself in South Africa and Turkey for public service announcements, commercial ads and humanitarian work.

The Muslim American filmed her most recent booking in the Sag Australian series, “You Don’t Know Their Journey.’’ She is known for her role as “Mary” in the film, “Unusual Suspects” and for the role of “Shanelle” in the “Shadow of Love” TV series.

Her parents, Abdul and Dora Kareem, live in Ormond Beach. Davis now lives in Los Angeles.




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