Black Church must be a light in this dark time

There is a cry in America that must be heard and addressed. Unfortunately, too many people won’t address this cry because it will cause them to look in the mirror to address their own evil and dark consciences.

When neo-Nazis, White supremacists, and the KKK descended on Charlottesville, the United States was reminded of its sins: racism, bigotry, hatred, prejudice, and xenophobia.

No matter how far people may think the United States has moved forward from the ugly days of slavery and Jim Crow, the truth is that the sins never left. That was manifested during the election of Donald Trump and brought forth horrifically after he became president.

Still racist
Shamefully, many people like to believe that the Christian church has dealt with racism. That’s not so. The fact that many churches still have on their walls a White Jesus shows how much White supremacy is preached, directly and indirectly. Let me prove my point.

A White Jesus is represented as savior of the world. In the Bible, Jesus said, “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?

Symbolically, if Jesus is portrayed as being White, doesn’t it make sense that people will view God as being White? Remember, it’s symbolism. It’s suggestive. The notion of White being better and Black being inferior is injected into the mind, body, soul, and spirit of people.

His true heart
Trump’s failure to denounce White supremacy shows his heart and character. However, the silence of the White evangelical community shows how much they are in full support of Trump, and how far they are from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Their refusal to speak out prove they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They need to be exposed.

Every Black person who belongs to their churches should leave and boycott. These fake preachers are crooked.

Christianity is not a White man’s religion. For centuries, it has been hijacked and sanitized by those who don’t want people to know the truth. Why? Because if the truth was ever revealed, their plot of suppression and oppression would be exposed.

So who can help bring this country back? The Black Church and Black preachers who have not compromised the Word of God.

It was the Black Church that was born out of slavery and oppression, and remains the staple of social justice. It is the Black Church that refuses to run from racism, bigotry, hatred, and prejudice.

Can’t be afraid
The Black Church cannot depend on shouting and emotionalism to make a difference in this world. The Black Church cannot simply bring people to the cross of Jesus and leave them there without tools and resources to help them succeed.

The Black Church cannot be afraid to teach about Africa and how people of color are throughout the Bible. And the Black Church cannot negotiate godly morals for the sake of being liked and accepted by those who believe that anything and everything immoral and unethical goes, in the name of love and acceptance.

We are reminded of what God told King Solomon: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a minister, speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him on or Twitter @drsinclairgrey.



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