My thoughts on the New Year lull


Certain characteristics are common to all living organisms. The shared need for rest pops into mind. Whether we label it rest, sleep, hibernation or dormancy, in the life cycle of an organism, its health and wellbeing is only satisfied with time set aside for rejuvenation.

My studies and observations inform me that as the complexity of organisms increase, there is a corresponding complexity in their need for rest. Generally, lower lifeforms simply sleep when their need impacts. Unless threatened, they will awaken and pursue outcomes that are more instinctive than not.

Although the human animal will succumb to the need for sleep, its restfulness will be determined by a myriad of circumstances that include individual anxieties, physical threats, physical discomfort, and more. Whatever our circumstance, rest is the absence of or a lull in the presence of the stressors that prevent us from allowing ourselves to experience a renewed state of peace.

Rest period
Many friends have called this year’s holiday period a lull in their observation of the insane behaviors of No. 45. Their need to remove immediate thoughts of the past 11 months and potential consequences from their consciousness has directed them impose a personal lull in the processing of current events.

As I have stated numerous times, I think it is in No. 45’s plan to have us thinking in so many different directions that we can’t see the truth of his actions. I again encourage and admonish readers to “Stay woke” and focus on No. 45’s real intent for our lives and future of our nation.

Rather than surmise his intent, give serious and ongoing consideration to several questions. Answer them for yourselves. Discuss them with others and open a dialogue:

•What does our nation gain with the destruction of the institutional norms that give direction to our daily lives?
•What benefits accrue to our nation when No. 45 and his lackeys distort and misshape the facts we use to construct our understanding of the truth?
•What positive outcomes can be expected from destroying public faith in the judicial system and those who enforce the law?
•Can our nation, divided racially, ethnically, religiously and by other factors, thrive when the division is engendered by political leaders?

No accident
Steve Bannon told the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference that a major goal of No. 45 was “deconstruction of the administrative state.” He added, “…these cabinet appointees, they were selected for…deconstruction.”

We see a secretary of Education who has designs to eliminate public education. The Environmental Protection Agency director has relaxed rules on dumping toxic waste and air and water quality. The attorney general has abandoned civil and voting rights enforcement.

Every White House press conference challenges us to believe or not believe what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. No. 45 constantly condemns intelligence and law enforcement agencies that are not in lockstep with him. And, No. 45 has engendered a resurgence of overt racism not seen in the last 50 years.

If nothing else, we must keep these questions in the forefront of our collective consciousness. We mustn’t let our need for rest lull us into inactivity. Our struggle continues and we will only succeed through action.

Dr. E. Faye Williams is national chair of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. Contact her via


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