Daytona State offering short-term building, construction courses

With building and construction among the hottest industries in the region for growth in the foreseeable future, Daytona State College (DSC) is ramping up its training initiatives with a variety of short-term course offerings designed to build a job-ready workforce.

The first series of courses start in late spring at the college’s New Smyrna Beach-Edgewater Campus, located at 940 10th St., with plans to offer them at the college’s other locations as well, said Frank Mercer, director of DSC’s Center for Business & Industry.

Done in weeks
“These are intensive, short-term courses that can be completed in a few weeks and are designed to be offered in a flexible space, meaning they don’t require a specific, dedicated lab,” explained Mercer.

“This makes them portable, allowing us to get more people trained right in their own neighborhood. We hope to have several courses going at one time once we get up and rolling later this spring.”

The courses
Offerings that prepare students for careers in the skilled trades include:
Fiberglass Fabrication Boot Camps (40 contact hours)
Fibrous Glass Duct Construction (21 hours)
Exterior Window, Door & Skylight Installation (18 contact hours)
Fiberglass Shingle Installation (12 contact hours)
OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course (online)
Vinyl & Fibrous Cement Siding Installation (18 contact hours)

According to Volusia County Economic Development, building and construction are set to be major economic drivers for the area over the next few years.

The courses, which will be taught by DSC faculty, are approved by Career Source Flagler/Volusia, meaning there is financial assistance and job placement assistance available for qualified students, said Mercer. 

For details, contact Career Source directly at 386-561-9750 or For information on specific courses, contact Mercer at 386-506-4461 or



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