Dems oppose parade, but not the ‘Warfare State’

Donald Trump wants a giant military parade. Predictably a chorus of Democrats panned the idea.

Their reasons are all sensible enough. But most of all, Democrats practically whine, domestic displays of U.S. military might are un-American.

The same Democrats who think a military parade is bad form voted to give Trump’s Pentagon even more than the obscene amount of money he asked for.

The same Democrats who wore kente cloth to or boycotted the State of the Union don’t object to America’s bombings, military provocations, or blockades.

Boosting his base
Since Vietnam, the Pentagon’s long-term strategy has been to make the nation’s gargantuan military machine and its wars as distant from the public as possible.

But Trump doesn’t make long-term plans. He seems to want a giant chest-thumping military spectacle to boost his own popularity among the base that elected him – disaffected White Americans who blame Blacks, Mexicans, women, queers and foreigners for their own economic insecurity.

A parade will also draw attention to the fact that America’s massive war expenditures are starving schools and libraries, housing and transit infrastructure, warping what teachers teach and what students learn.

At $900 million-plus apiece, every F-35 fighter is worth a small hospital. At $13 billion apiece, an aircraft carrier without the aircraft is worth a dozen bus factories or half a dozen water and sewer and sewer systems for a city of 200,000.

Unless there’s a Republican in the White House, Democrats rarely if ever protest against any U.S. wars. Let’s see how many Democrats show up to protest Trump’s military parade, if he has it.

Bruce Dixon is managing editor of



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