Keeping hope alive as Hope walks away

Through all of the weird machinations of her boss and his administration, Hope Hicks has been labeled the “glue” holding things together at the White House. But events have occurred that even she could no longer tolerate.

Having lost Hope, no one seems to know what will happen at the White House. I for one am happy for Hope. It seems that her burden in dealing with No. 45 was just too great to continue running interference for him. Everyone has a breaking point.

Surprisingly, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ pushback against the unceasing public attacks directed at him by No. 45 seems to signal his breaking point. Sessions appears more willing to fully support and defend the “rule of law. Hope increases that we may not have to endure this craziness much longer.

Enough already
There is increasing hope for those of us who have grown weary of the guilty pleas, indictments, and an almost daily confirmation of Russian meddling in our election processes.

Hope emerges for those of us who’re unwilling to wait an indeterminate period of time for responsible gun control. While Robert Mueller’s investigation forges ahead to its ultimate conclusion, students in Florida and across the nation are gearing up to pressure lawmakers to enact legislation that will provide for greater public safety.

We’ve all heard 45’s empty promises for positive change, but our youth are forcing politicians to reconsider the fixes that will result in real change. There is renewed hope in the demonstrated corporate responsibility of Hertz, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Spectrum, Delta and United Airlines, and others who exert their influence upon the creation of effective gun control legislation.

He feels it
No. 45 may be feeling the pressure. In White House meetings, he has stunned the NRA and its phalanx of supporting politicians with proposals for change that can only be called unconventional or unbelievable for a Republican politician.

I’m not convinced that No. 45 won’t try to wiggle out of the changes he’s vocally supported, but I’m convinced that thousands of students will not waver in their demand for sensible gun control. The NRA doesn’t have enough money to erase the horror of Parkland’s massacre from their memories.

Kenidra Woods, a 17-year-old student from Missouri who helped organize the recent protests at her school said, “There is no reason a 19-year-old boy should’ve been able to purchase an AR-15,” referring to the gun used by Nikolas Cruz, the suspect in the Parkland, Florida school massacre.

Those murders have launched other walkouts across the country aimed at stricter gun control, and surely there’ll be many more if politicians fail to act. Good schools have taught students their rights, and they’ve chosen to exercise them.

A small group of single-minded special interest types are hell-bent on silencing the protests of our youth. Reflecting their hope for the future (and to their credit), our youth assert that First Amendment rights won’t be subordinate to those of the Second.

Gun-slinging teachers
Hope springs eternal as teachers and a public majority reject the notion of transforming teachers into in-school gunslingers. Most will acknowledge the extreme challenges of modern teaching.

Short-sighted gun proponents like No. 45 and Florida Gov. Rick Scott only worsen prospects of school violence with their proposal to arm teachers for the reward of a “small bonus.” I only hope that the Dalton, Georgia teacher who barricaded himself in a school room and began shooting gives reason to reconsider this ill-devised plan.

Students pursue gun control today! Their awakening may result in a similar pursuit for women’s rights, voting rights and immigrant rights tomorrow! No. 45 may have lost his Hope, but these students renew hope for us all!

Dr. E. Faye Williams is national chair of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. Contact her via



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