Authors making impact with conscious children’s books

Genevieve Elise says that some of the kids are in conflict with the law.
One of life’s travails is our falling prey to losing our children. Genevieve Elise is bringing new energy into play. 

Many of our children are caught up in being bullied. She offers resources during a time when young people need positive reinforcement. She has an edge on developing conscious-literature books.

She’s CEO of Flagrant Publishing Company. She’s earned a degree from Hostos Community College in the Bronx, where she enjoyed writing. She’s a novelist and the daughter of Palm Coasters John and Sybil Lucas.

On tour here
I caught up with Genevieve touring Florida to put everything on the line. 

“We’ve been doing a lot of mentoring in New York,” she said. “And just seeing the different things that kids are struggling with – like bullying and having the wrong friends – we wanted to start a literature initiative directed specifically for at-risk teens and troubled youth.”

Some of the kids are in conflict with the law or are receiving truancy intervention.
It’s exciting for Genevieve, who co-owns Flagrant Publishing with author Jabar. They both enjoy communicating with young people.

From “…having a life-long passion to help people, the author and youth advocate embarked on a journey to reach teens and young adults through literature in a way that hasn’t been seen before with his book, ‘This Ain’t What You Want.’

“This is the first in a planned series of fiction novels, written specifically for teens and young adults and the unique challenges they face.”

Building blocks
The pair’s books, such as “Miseducation of a Hustler” and “What Would You Do If Someone Disrespected You?” have become a teen’s building blocks for success inasmuch as Genevieve shared that several U.S. states use the reading scores of third graders to determine how many prison cells will be needed. 

The co-owners find that social media works for the initiative they began five years ago. Some of the books are free because of friends and fans, and the author and publishing team.

“It’s going to sound crazy – but I sell most of my books on the train – directly to the public,” Genevieve said, “because in the Bronx, for instance, in some urban areas, parents have no access to bookstores.

“We are surely flagrant in trying to do everything we can to touch as many kids in a positive way.”

Can’t control media
The team cannot dictate the direction of music, or TV programs to make them positive. But the positive can be accomplished through literature. We are losing our children to foolishness, to the littlest things.
The word got out in the areas of influence.

“I get in touch with the different schools and the youth programs in New York and tell them what I do,” Genevieve said, “and tell them how the books can be helpful for the kids. All of them have been really supportive,” she added.

The parents then sign the kids up for the youth programs, which are run independently away from the schools. Genevieve and Jabar have been working with nearly 100 students in four youth programs.

Serious issues
The books, as part of a series, utilize diverse characters who speak the language that the young generation understands. Jabar whips up books at exorbitant speed like Tyler Perry does with plays.

Jabar and Genevieve will be dealing with drug use, teen suicide and pregnancy, which give rise to the teens thinking about life decisions and consequences.

Through book reviews posted on line, the kids address the interactions of the main characters, highlighting their own actions, and determining if they would handle things differently. 

Reading has turned around – in a positive direction – one incarcerated young man following the completion of a Flagrant book.

All of the team’s books come up through a search of Flagrant Publishing, or at (search for jabar: books).
My deepest condolences go out to Victor Krause on the loss of his mother; Fred Fowler, his son; Wanda White, her brother; George Weaver, his sister; Virene Garrett, her brother; and Sybil Lucas, a family member.

As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted, the prodigal son, or daughter, and the bereaved.

Birthday wishes to Mason Sword, Rory Ragoonan, Arthur Pete, March 22; Evangelist Robin Campos, March 24; Vicki Seward, March 26; my son Christopher, March 27; and Barbara Jackson, March 28.



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