Azalea Health provides affordable options for residents in Volusia, Flagler

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The staff of Azalea Health (with Commissioner May, second from right) say they are committed to providing high-quality health care to every patient.

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of stories on alternate health care choices for area residents.


Even before she was elected as Daytona Beach Zone 3’s representative on the City Commission, Quanita May was aware of the health disparities in Black Daytona Beach. Part of the 32114 zip code ‒ where state health statistics reveal the largest concentration of the city’s sickest and poorest people live ‒ is in Zone 3.

As part of understanding how to improve the health of Zone 3 residents, May started doing her research on existing health care providers in the city. She was pleasantly surprised to find providers that could be accessed by low-income residents.

Last week, a Daytona Times reporter accompanied her to a visit to the first affordable medical provider she identified: Azalea Health.

Azalea Health is a comprehensive health care center, which has been open for over a year in Daytona Beach. It’s located at 1455 Dunn Ave.

Another location is in Palm Coast in Flagler County at 450 Palm Coast Parkway, Suite 5.

Serves everyone

The goal is to provide affordable health care to low-income and moderate-income individuals and families.

Azalea Health also serves areas with high health disparities like the 32114 zip code in Daytona Beach.

“We serve any individuals, whether they have the best insurance or no insurance. “We cover just about every service, said Terry Gilyard, RSN, Azalea Health’s Clinical Care supervisor.

“We can also link patients up to others that provide affordable treatment. We are a medical home that links services and families together.’’

Minor surgeries

Gilyard said the center offers a variety of services, including minor surgeries.

“We try to do as much as we can in our facilities. We do a lot of minor surgeries. We can do skin tags, remove staples, do stitches, detect cancer, and other things that reduces medical costs compared to patients going to hospitals and clinics. We just don’t have X-ray. Our X-ray center is in St. Augustine,” Gilyard noted.

Sliding scale

Azalea Health operates on a sliding fee scale. It is composed of a scale that goes from slide A to slide E with slide E being the lowest of costs.

“We verify their information. What they pay depends upon income and how many people are in the household. It depends upon which slide they fall within on the A-E slide scale,” Gilyard explained.

“For example, our services can lower costs that are usually in the hundreds of dollars down to as low as $20 if a patient qualifies.’’

In six counties

Azalea Health care is under Rural Health Care, Inc., a private non-profit community and migrant health center created in Putnam County in 1977.

The company services areas with health disparities, including those with medical professional shortages and medically underserved areas.

Azalea Health has locations in six counties in northeastern Florida: Alachua, Clay, Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns and Volusia. There are 11 full-time primary care centers offering with a wide range of services, three full-time dental centers, and nine full-service pharmacies and employees 200 employees.

“We are brought into communities because we are asked to come. We just can’t come in unless a city, county or town asks us to come and serve those underserved,” Gilyard noted. “Health care can be expensive so having an organization that can reduce prices is big.”

32114 disparities

Azalea Health is aware of the health disparities in the Black community.

“We aren’t targeting any specific ethnic group. We look at our numbers. We understand that the African-Americans community has a lot of health disparities, but we are open for them as well. We educate anyone who walks through our doors,” Gilyard related.

The 32114 zip code, which covers a large portion of Daytona’s Black community, has been documented as the least healthy in Volusia County.

These issues include high rates of new HIV/AIDS cases, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high blood sugar and more.

Azalea Health could help alleviate health disparities in 32114.

“We are aware of the health disparities. We look at our numbers and the population. Those that asked us to come into the community realized the disparity and knew that our services would help. We also link people up with other organizations that help address health disparities,” Gilyard added.

Azalea Health is located at 1425 and 1455 Dunn Ave., Daytona Beach. Call them at 386-323-9600 for more information.



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