Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Black kids fill up our prisons


There are many great achievements Hillary Rodham Clinton is celebrated for. Unfortunately, one of her greatest and most impactful achievements come in the form of radical prison policies.

These policies, along with her husband Bill’s “three strike” rule, have targeted Black men specifically and has further led to the decline of Black families and strong Black homes for the last 25 years. Black children (“super predators,” as she famously called us) “must be stopped before they reach the age of being adult criminals.” 

Shot or imprisoned

With the current wave of White supremacy and racism being more acceptable than ever, police are ready to either shoot your unarmed son, or lock him up for 10 years and ruin any future of him being a productive member of society. The USA leads the world the number of people it incarcerates. It’s time to examine this so-called criminal justice system.

In all 50 states, there is a disgusting policy known as “direct file,” which makes it legal for children and teenagers to be tried as adults. That’s right! Your nephews, daughters and brothers are being shipped off to jails and prisons at the age of 14 for nonviolent crimes such as burglary.

In Florida, sadly we have the most youth locked away in adult state prisons. Since 2009, more than 14,000 children have been prosecuted, some as young as 10 years old. While Black men are only 17 percent of the U.S. population, we make up 63 percent of the prison population.

Black boys and girls ‒ who have already lost their connection to their history and roots through the bastardized educational system ‒ are now being targeted as nothing more than seat fillers for privately-owned prisons.

Slavery truly never ended. It just became a different type of trillion-dollar industry in which children are treated just like adults.

One example

Last year, I became involved in a very interesting and peculiar legal case regarding that of Lamondre Fluker after his mother contacted me. Mr. Fluker’s sentence was supposed to end after two years. However, he’s currently heading into his seventh year behind bars. He’s away from family, loved ones and opportunities to positively affect the economy as a working-class citizen.

Prison is supposed to be a rehabilitating system, not one of extreme cruelty and punishment. The manner in which the state of Florida as well as prosecuting attorney Heatha Trigones neglected this case is a clear and stern reminder of why President Trump has declared prison reform one of his main agendas.

The idea that inmates and families ‒ already traumatized from the penal system ‒ must suffer even longer than their court-appointed release date has truly rocked this country from the inside out.

Mr. Fluker was given a plea deal which he accepted. However, Mr. Fluker will be approaching his seventh year with no release date known at this point.

Four-day event

As you read this, there is a group of passionate and resilient leaders from all over the state of Florida who are committed to change, justice and overall human and civil rights.

Beginning March 12, there was a four-day lobbying event planned for activists and politicians to push three pieces of legislation to Congress: moving the age of prosecution from 14 to 17; making sure youth and teenage criminals are held in juvenile facilities; and giving judges the right to transfer youth from adult to juvenile facilities.

Led by the Florida Student Power Association, the four-day task includes both juvenile and adult lobbying sessions as well as hands-on demonstration on the steps of the state Capitol. Both juvenile and adult cases must be handled much more efficiently and with more care.

The scariest thought is knowing that the federal, state and private prison systems depend on Black children to fill their cells. Otherwise, private prison systems can sue the state.

You can help

Contact our state representative Paul Renner and request a meeting to speak about criminal justice reform and abolishing direct file in Florida.  The first step towards success was 60 percent of Floridians voting to restore felon rights for more than 1.4 million former inmates. Now with the incredible lobbying event in Tallahassee, there is a chance we can finally bring justice to the lives of millions of mothers, fathers, sons and aunties who have been misplaced, mistreated and mishandled by the U.S. prison system.

Rell Black is an award-winning activist, blogger and the founder of Community Healing Project Inc. 



  1. I’m not sure where you got your numbers but black people actually make up 13% of the US population, white people make up around 77%. If we assume half the black population are men, at 6% or 7%, there’s no way they should make up 36% of the prison population. Especially when you realize that 36% accounts for the entire white male population. Out of the 36% percenters, 54% make up the prison pop. I suck at math but you don’t need to be a mathematician to see this shit makes no sense and it’s our reality. The gap between white and black prisoners is finally starting to close a little over these last 5-10 years. It used to be even worse than this.


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