City offering summer sports for adult women and men

Young men get in a game of basketball on Wednesday at the Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural and Educational Center. Registration is underway for a men’s basketball league presented by the City of Daytona Beach’s Cultural and Leisure Services.


There are plenty of recreation, leisure and athletic activities happening in the area this summer.

The City of Daytona Beach Cultural & Leisure Services is known to provide athletic programs for the youth, but now they also are providing some for adults.

They are rebooting two former programs in co-ed softball and women’s kickball.

“A couple of years ago kickball and softball were both going strong and were quite popular. We got away from it. We want to provide more opportunities for the community. Instead of just doing for the youth, we decided to add some activities for adults,” responded Terry “Baldy’’ Johnson, Athletics Specialist for Daytona Beach’s Cultural & Leisure Services.

A “94-Feet of Heat’’ men’s basketball league will run from June 30 to Aug. 18. The city also is rebooting co-ed softball and women’s kickball.

Slow registration

Registration for both programs is open through June 28 with kickball practice beginning on June 30 and softball on July 1. Registration has been slow for both thus far.

Johnson admitted, “Registration dictates how we do these programs. The numbers are down. We do have a lot of interests with people calling and making inquiries but a lot of teams haven’t signed up. We are trying to make a push to get more people signed up for these programs.”

Team fees are $300 for kickball and $400 for softball. Softball season runs from July 8 to Aug. 16 while kickball is July 7 to Aug. 18.

Both sports will be held at the Derbyshire Sports Complex, 849 Derbyshire Road.

“They run in conjunction. Kickball will be on Sundays and softball more during the week. In the past, they ran simultaneously but we want to separate them this time. We want to get more people in the community involved,” noted Johnson.

Men’s basketball too

A “94-Feet of Heat’’ men’s basketball league will also run from June 30 to Aug. 18. Registration runs through June 28 and team fees are $400.

Activities run on Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural and Educational Center at 1000 Vine St. and the Midtown Cultural & Educational Center at 955 George W. Engram Blvd.

“Basketball registration numbers are down as well, but it’s going better. We still need more teams to have a more competitive league. Interest is good and we’re trying to build on that,” said Johnson.

Fitness and fellowship

Despite the fees, city officials say they are necessary and fair.

“Yes, we have fees but most cities have fees for their programs. Ours are pretty reasonable and competitive compared to other municipalities,” stressed Johnson.

Having such activities are good for the community in general, he noted.

Johnson explained, “These types of activities are important. Athletics and recreation gets adults and some of the older people out doing more exercise, which is good for their health.

“People need to be more health conscious. It provides physical fitness, camaraderie, communication and socializing. which are all good for people’s health.”

Youth basketball camps

There are also a few opportunities out there for local youth as well.

The Cultural & Leisure Services is hosting a youth basketball camp for boys and girls ages 8 to 14.

The cost is $125 per session. Session 1 runs June 24-28 while Session 2 is July 22-26. Basketball camp runs from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

Both sessions will take place at the Midtown Cultural & Educational Center.

For more on softball and kickball, contact Terry Johnson at 386-671-3438.

For more on men’s basketball and the youth basketball camp, call 386-671-8337.



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