Be an advocate for the kids


“I believe that children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”

Those iconic Whitney Houston lyrics have not only proven to be true, but also continue to inspire the youth of each generation.

Those days where you didn’t have a care in the world, would be up early Saturday mornings watching cartoons and would cry when it was time to come in the house. Some of our proudest moments were those award ceremonies, field trips and end of the year “fun days” that made being a kid the greatest joy on Earth.

Important voice

The voice of a child is just as important as the elder of a village. We’ve seen too many times where children have become victims, both physical and mental, to the power of silence.

Some of our greatest talents have been in the form of child stars such as 10-year-old Michael Jackson, 5-year-old Tiger Woods, and 14-year-old film producer and mogul Marsai Martin. Children are the future, the backbone of the village. It’s time to respect that!

As adults, we tend to block out our childhood memories to cope with the reality and depression of the real world including our terrible jobs, our dysfunctional relationships and our messy neighbors. No matter how stressful our days get, we must remember those childhood days and never forget how important it is for children to have a voice.

Get involved

Fighting for your child’s voice to be heard, especially in the education system, is so important considering “ADHD”(Attention Deficient / Hyperactivity Disorder) and “IEP” (Individualized Education Program) are the most common phrases spoken in Black schools.

This is why it is essential to get involved in the lives of the youth. It could be mentoring, coaching, tutoring or even starting a children’s dance team, but it is your absolute duty to help positively influence the children in your community.

This is why it is essential to get involved in the lives of the youth. It could be mentoring, coaching, tutoring or even starting a children’s dance team, but it is your absolute duty to help positively influence the children in your community.

Local groups like the Bethune-Cookman University Black Male Explorers founded by Brittany Presley, and Mr. and Mrs. Mentoring founded by Derek Collins, specifically work on inspiring and motivating young Black children to succeed and strive for greatness, no matter the circumstances.

There is hope

Because of organizations like these, there is hope for a generation that many believe have the potential to be greater than our ancestors ever were. With the power of digital technology and social media, today’s kids have unlimited power and reach.

As a community, we must continue to support our youth athletic programs such as Daytona Beach Cowboys, Daytona Beach Bucs and Daytona Express Track Club whose team members DJ and Sidney Noelin will be competing at the AAU Junior Olympics next month in North Carolina.

Each summer before school starts, local organizations host their annual “back to school” bashes, including free backpacks filled with school supplies, free food, haircuts, music, games and fun for all. For some families, these events are a crucial part of a child’s upbringing. As a kid, I looked forward every year to getting my bookbag from the Calvary Christian Center with all the neighborhood kids.

These organizations and leaders go out of their way to make sure every child has the proper items and materials to have a successful school year. It takes a village to raise the next generation of positive community leaders. They’re already bombarded with crazy images on TV, in music and the internet. When we become a voice for the voiceless, not only are you advocating for truth, but you’re changing history and rewriting statistics one child at a time.

A celebration

Community Healing Project, Inc. is an organization I’m honored to serve as executive director. We are hosting a community-wide fundraiser to sponsor 50 children on a trip to the premiere of Disney’s “The Lion King” on July 19.

This experience will be held for cultural awareness, educational advancement, and to celebrate local children and their parents who have strived for greatness and had a successful academic school year. We will also be discuss how we can protect African wildlife and ways we can continue to strengthen our communities.

As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, we depend on community partners like you to aid us in successfully completing our missions. We are requesting monetary donations, gift cards or an in-kind donation of services to maximize the impact of this essential community event.

With your sizable donation, we will be able to raise enough funds to effectively and safely transport several students and properly feed and equip them and their families with educational materials for the upcoming school year.

With your assistance, we can create a massive impact on all the children that are a part of this experience as we continue to change the world, one community at a time.

Rell Black is an award-winning activist, blogger and the founder of Community Healing Project Inc.



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