A commitment to democracy

The North Carolina NAACP president, Rev. William Barber, tore it up and then threw down in a powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention...

Is the GOP too blind to see?

This week, my intention was to comment on my assessment of the Democratic National Convention. I was there. As this new standard of campaigning has demonstrated,...

Our nation’s unfinished business

brought racial disorders to American
cities, and with them shock, fear and bewilderment to the
The worst came during a two-week period in July, first...

Trump, the fear-mongering candidate

Are you cowering in your homes yet? If you watched
Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at last week’s Republican National Convention – and you believed any...

Black Lives Matter, and so does the BLM movement

In North Miami, Charles Kinsey was working with a patient who had a toy
gun in his hand. Someone had called police, saying that a

Chaos continues at a faster rate

When President Obama hosted a press conference introducing his pick for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice could not stop smirking. Her body...

The bitter fruit of a broken Reconstruction

After Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Falcon Heights, Minn., there was Dallas. After rogue cops unceremoniously killed two Black men, there were five police officers...

Dallas debunks every gun anti-safety myth

One of the more unsettling revelations about the tragedy in Dallas is that the mentally unbalanced gunman was rejected, after a background check, for...

Enemies of the people

In the hours before the 25-year-old
Army veteran Micah Johnson launched his, in the words of President Obama,
“vicious, calculated and despicable”
attack on White officers of...

‘Black Lives Matter’ today, tomorrow, forever

Whenever Black Americans use the term “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), many (but not all) Whites cringe because they believe Blacks are calling for the...

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