We want to end all wars

President Obama has brought our troops home from Iraq, ending one of the most unnecessary, shameful wars of our time. Those of us classified...

Protecting gains for children in the Affordable Care Act

Next week marks the second anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the federal health reform legislation. Although not yet fully implemented, millions of...

Sorority hosts forum to empower young Black males

The Palm Coast/Flagler County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority captured a scene of Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence (EMBODI)...

Building a fair economy must remain a top goal

BY BARBARA R. ANWINE TRICE EDNEY WIRE As we usher in 2012, it remains disheartening that unemployment rates for African-Americans and Latinos/Hispanics remain in the double...

Your tax refund is yours to keep

BY CHARLENE CROWELL NNPA FINANCIAL WRITER Each year as W-2s begin arriving in mailboxes, commercials start promoting a range of services to ‘help’ consumers with tax...

Constitutional amendment can stop the lynching of democracy

BY DR. BENJAMIN F. CHAVIS, JR. NNPA COLUMNIST The growing Occupy the Dream movement for economic equality and empowerment has correctly determined that one of its...

We must rescue the American Dream

BY MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN NNPA COLUMNIST Getting a high school and college degree and achieving the American Dream could easily have seemed impossible to eighteen-year-old Toni...

Three state trailblazers will be inaugural inductees

The three will be memorialized on plaques displayed on a wall of honor in the state Capitol Building rotunda. The plaques will be unveiled at a formal induction ceremony to be held soon. The governor selected the three individuals from among 10 finalists submitted to him by the Florida Commission on Human Relations.

Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 131

Walk to the middle: In the closest, most meaningful GOP primary in recent Florida history, thousands of Black Republican voters are blithely ignored. During the administration of ‘The First Black President,’ issues important to Black Democratic voters were routinely ignored. Are there any better arguments for Black Floridians walking to the middle by registering to vote with “No Party Affiliation”?

Black politicians say, ‘Just pay ME!’

After seeing their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters beaten to a pulp, castrated or even executed, many slaves would just give up to get along. Subsequently, one White overseer with a whip in one hand and a Bible in the other could control hundreds of slaves.

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