Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 131


Africans and Obama, Part 2: Black folks inside and outside Africa – who desperately want Bro. Prez to succeed – ask the same fundamental question: “Who’s advising him about issues of critical cultural and economic importance to Africans and African-Americans?” Answer – Arrogant, Ivy-League educated, White male baby-boomers are the real power in the White House (no pun intended). We’ll run an article next week arguing that even the 2012 Obama campaign leadership team – which includes many of his closest administration advisors – is racially segregated…

State of the Union: Blah, blah – a campaign speech. The reelection battle is officially underway. Bro. Prez seems to love campaigning and hate governing. Another example of getting what you pray for…

Walk to the middle: In the closest, most meaningful GOP primary in recent Florida history, thousands of Black Republican voters are blithely ignored. During the administration of ‘The First Black President,’ issues important to Black Democratic voters were routinely ignored. Are there any better arguments for Black Floridians walking to the middle by registering to vote with “No Party Affiliation”?

‘OBAMA ISN’T WORKING’: That was a large sign at a Mitt Romney campaign event in Florida. Actually, ROMNEY ISN’T WORKING, according to his 2010 tax returns. Still, his income was $57,000 A DAY last year – and he didn’t have a job. Romney obviously doesn’t have to work to eat. What the hell could he possibly know about the lives of today’s average American?

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