Reserve Bank of India to Publish Major Report by Embry-Riddle Professor


Dr. Vedapuri Raghavan, an associate professor of finance in Embry-Riddle’s College of Business, has learned that a major study he co-produced for India’s Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of India, has been approved and will be published by the bank.

Dr. Raghavan and a team of internal experts at the Reserve Bank worked on the project for almost three years before submitting a 100-page report that details the ways India can implement reforms to develop its corporate bond markets.

The report was reviewed and approved by the Reserve Bank’s top officials, consisting of the governor, deputy governor, and executive director.

The project was funded by a Development Research Group (DRG) Grant from the Reserve Bank. DRG studies are the outcome of collaborative efforts between experts outside the Reserve Bank and research experts within the bank. These studies are released for wider circulation to generate constructive discussion among professional economists and policy makers. The report is expected to be posted on the bank’s website,, by March 2012.



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