Minister launches magazine at Anointed Release Party

Charlene Cothran Ministries had a winning combination with VICTORY magazine’s Anointed Release Party and Launch Ceremony.

Headlining were: Pastor Riva Tims, praise, entertainment and a silent auction – “serve-yourselves” canapes and dessert – and celebrating America’s birthday.

The Rev. Charlene Cothran stepped into full-time ministry over six years ago after becoming “the former publisher of a magazine that was anything but holy.’’

Cothran said, “God released us to add the medium of magazine publishing to reach and transform lost souls, inspire complacent Christians, and encourage and uplift weary, battle-worn warriors.’’

Event benefited Pace Center
God wanted to release that thing He put in Cothran and celebrate at the African American Cultural Society. It was a free event with reserved seating set aside and with other seating available. The silent auction benefited the Pace Center for Girls.

Attending the VICTORY event were Tina Lancaster of Upper Marlboro, Md., Pastor Riva Tims, the Rev. Charlene E. Cothran, publisher of VICTORY magazine; and Deaconess Jeanne Washington of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Palm Coast. (COURTESY OF CHARLENE COTHRAN MINISTRIES)

Tims gave a positive message, autographing the book she had written, as well as joined in celebrating VICTORY, the Christian lifestyles magazine launched last spring by Charlene Cothran Ministries. Tims teamed up with publisher Cothran to get her message across.

The program featured The Levite Band, Voices of Victory, Minister Antoine Cook, Evangelist Debra Reed, the Rev. John T. Long, III; Sounds of Curtis Gray, and Dr. Renee McQueen.

Also within the realm were Yvette Urquhart, Pastor D. L. Foster, Patti Smith, Deacon Latrey Washington, the Rev. Patrick Wilkerson, Donna Campbell/Buster Williams Caterers and Boy Scouts Troop 281.

Prayer for VICTORY
The Rev. Kenneth Harley took part, praying the anointing on Cothran, who was surrounded by pastors, ministers and evangelists. Harley called on a prayer-answering God for victory so souls could come, finding comfort, applying the Word to their lives, and receiving eternal life.

He took another step and called for advertisers and covenant partnerships to intensify and increase daily, and thanking God for Cothran’s vision.

God reminded Tims, saying, “Have you considered my servant, Job (Job 1:8)?” Tims sprang forward and said, “God let us go through a test so that victory can come out.

“I know what it’s like to be in a place of bewilderment,” she said. “I know how it is to be held by the Lord.”

She was crushed when husband, megachurch pastor Zachery Tims was exposed for infidelity. Their 15-year ministry marriage ended in 2009 following a two-year battle.

She was uprooted by the elders as co-pastor of the 8,000-member New Destiny Christian Center, founded by the couple in 1996 in Orlando. Tims struggled financially, emotionally and spiritually as the mother of the couple’s four children.

She’s the mother of Zoelle, 17; Zachery, III, 16; Zahria, 14; and Zion, 12.   She and the kids spent a vacation in 2011 in Puerto Rico with the children’s father. Pastor Zachery Tims was found dead one week later at a Times Square hotel. He was 42 years old.

Tims talks about her pain, victory
Riva Tims would question God a lot, but now she doesn’t do it as much. Nonetheless, she’s impressed by God, realizing His sheep knows His voice (John 10:4) – choosing to be obedient – and operating like Jesus in loving her former husband.

“You don’t have to slash anyone’s tires,” she affirmed. If you fail to do what God says, “the pain could be worse because you didn’t do what you could have done.” But afterwards, you come out stronger rather than weaker.

Tims received more for her trouble (Job 42:12 as God began blessing strategically.  She wrote the book, “When It All Falls Apart: Finding Healing, Joy and Victory Through the

She says “You may have dead situations in your life, but God can resurrect. You can walk in supernatural victory,” she affirms. The book is in reprint after it was released for a month in 2009.

Tims founded her own church – Majestic Life Ministries in 2009 in Orlando.

She signed a deal with Comcast, becoming “The Glory of Gospel” host, airing on Star 94.5 FM on Sundays. She’s also a television co-host. She was part of the celebrity on James and Betty Robison’s TV show and again on TV for Joni Lamb’s broadcast.

The  release party, presented by Charlene Cothran Ministries, was a winner.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.


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